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MYLEK Remote Control Luxury Eco+ Splashproof Digital Panel Heater - 1.5KW

A low energy, modern panel heater for domestic or commercial use

Product Code: 252100

6 reviews
  • Modern, sleek and slimline panel heater - no sharp edges
  • Suited to a room size of 17m² or 600 cubic feet
  • Unique X-shaped aluminium heating element that heats up quickly and slowly
  • Energy saving - keeps your room warmer for longer using less energy
  • A choice of 2 heat settings a completely adjustable thermostat
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Product information

Brand - Mylek
Height - 38 cm
Width - 76 cm
Depth - 8.8 cm

MYLEK Eco+ Luxury Digital Panel Heater

Also available in 1kW and 2kW


  • A modern, sleek and slimline panel heater with a digital display to suit modern interiors in domestic and commercial premises
  • Suited to a room size of 17m² or 600 cubic feet making it ideal for bedrooms, lounges, office spaces
  • Remarkably efficient with a unique X-shaped aluminium heating element that heats up quickly and slowly releases heat as it cools to keep your room warmer for longer
  • A choice of 2 heat settings a completely adjustable thermostat for closely maintaining your chosen room temperature, reducing energy use and associated costs
  • Stylish, modern and elegant design with no sharp corners


One of the best digital panel heaters on the market

Providing a user with everything they need in a panel heater. From a luxury, designer finish with the finest components to heat your premises quicker, more efficiently and to a comfortable level this winter. Fitted with a 1-24 countdown timer, a user can set the heater around their own lifestyle. In addition, for the ultimate in convenience the heater is supplied with a remote control to allow you to adjust the settings without having to get up and adjust the heater.

NEW heating technology: Unique X-shape heating element

The Eco+ provides you with optimum energy efficiency by heating up quicker and cooling down slower than most panel heaters thanks to its unique X-shape aluminium heating element. This aluminium heating element releases the heater slower when cooling down, keeping your room at the desired temperature for longer, reducing energy costs and heater usage in general.

User friendly, touch activated display

Easy to use with a digital touchscreen display that allows a user to work through the varied features on the heater. This digital display also fits in well with modern interiors where traditional thermostats and heating methods can affect your desired ambience and feel, especially in the hospitality industry.

Versatile, modern design

The unit can be left free standing with the feet supplied for permanent installation into your lounge or bedroom in a similar way to traditional radiators. With a splashproof body (IPX4 rated), the Eco+ can be installed in a bathroom providing it is installed by an electrician and installed in zones 2 and above.

Technical specification
Lightweight design: approx. 5kg
Covers a 17m² room
Comes with a 3 pin 13 amp UK plug
1.5m power cable cable located on the right side of the heater


Rating 4.8 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.
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Fantasic heater.Heats up very quickly.
10 Jan 2018
Mrs Hatton
Great little heater with remote control so easy to use. Prompt delivery.
9 Jan 2018
Dan Harrison
The heater is very good, but the lack of 'down' button for reducing temperature is very annoying. You need to cycle to 40 deg before you go back to the start, just to reduce the temperature.
9 Jan 2018
John Wilkin
Does exactly as expected.
4 Jan 2018
Liz Powell
Great value for money and a stylish heater too.
3 Jan 2018
Mr Perkins
Good value easy to install
19 Dec 2017

Frequently asked questions

Hi, what are the dimensions of this product please? Thanks
The dimensions are:

Wall mounted (with brackets): 760 x 380 x 88mm and free standing (feet attached): 760 x 430 x 240mm.

What is the size dimensions for this item? And how much energy does this use per hour approximately? Thanks
Wall mounted (with brackets): 760 x 380 x 88 mm Free standing (feet attached): 760 x 430 x 240 mm
Hi there, Is this suitable for indoor heating. How much will be approx consumption if I run it for around 8 hours a day Thanks
Yes, this is suitable for indoor heating. The cost to run for 8 hours is £1.20 (based on your energy provider charging 10p per KwH).
Is this suitable for a conservatory
Yes, this heater would be suitable for a conservatory.
Hourly running cost with electric.
This heater will cost approximately 15p per hour to run (based on your energy provider charging 10p per KwH).

Can you mount this so the width becomes the height as I have a narrow space ..
No, this product cannot be mounted in this way. It must be mounted as it appears on the product details.
How do you reduce the heat when the room gets too warm and what size room in feet and inches foes it heat
You can reduce the heat by turning down the thermostat. This 1.5Kw heater will cover around 21 - 25²m.
Can the temperature be set to say 18degress? Then it comes on and off as necessary to maintain the 18degrees
Yes, the temperature can be set to 18°C. However, please be aware this heater has a countdown timer, and specific times cannot be set.
Is this unit suitable for an ensuite shower room
Yes, this can be used in an ensuite shower room, but it must be at least 60cm away from any source of water.
Do the heaters need to be wired in or do they have plugs ir can you do both? Im thinkinf about buying 3 for my home. They look so good, whats the catch?
The heaters are fitted with plugs but can be hard wired if you choose to by an electrician 
Hi, please confirm both heat setting outputs. Thanks Tracey
Setting 1 is 1000W and setting 1 is 1500W.
Hello my living room is 16x13 feet will this heater be able to keep it warm? If I turn it on for one hour then switch it off so how long it can keep the room warm? Does it keep room warm like central heating ? Can this be used as central heating ? I'm
A 2Kw heater would be more suitable for your room size. This style of heater does not stay warm once it is switched off, so depending on the outside temperature, will depend on how quickly the heat is lost. If you had a heater in each room then the rooms could be kept warm but they cannot be programmed to come on at specific times, as the timer is a countdown type.
Can I set it to a certain temperature for it to maintain?
Temperature can be set between 16°C and 40°C.
My question was submitted before I finished! We want to know how we can use this with a programmed timeswitch so that the bathroom is warm before we get up. Thank you, Marion Robins
Unfortunately, this heater cannot be used with a separate programmed timeswitch. 
I have the MYLEK 1.5kW / 1500W Luxury Eco+ Digital Electric Panel Heater but how do you reverse the temperature setting. Going up is fine but I want to come down, how is this done?
The lowest temperature setting is 16°C. The heater cannot be set lower than this. The temperature setting is adjusted either on the digital panel or with the remote control.
What sort of heater is this?
This is a panel convector heater.
Hello, If the heater is hard wired in will it still Work during the day? An electrian has told me it may only Work at night as the heater is only peak where as off peak work around the clock.
This heater is not designed to operate with this type of tariff. Usually storage heaters charge throughout the night when the tariff is at its cheapest, and the heat is released through the day. This is a special tariff, such as Economy 7.

The Mylek Digital Panel Heater should be plugged into standard mains electricity and can be used throughout the day or night. It is not peak only.
Thanks but will it work if it is hard wired in?
Yes, it can be hard wired into standard mains electricity.
Is this radiator noisy
The panel heater will make the usual noises associated with a heater but no it is not especially noisy
Size of panel heater please
The dimensions are: wall mounted with brackets 760 x 380 x 88mm and free standing with feet attached 760 x 430 x 240mm.

Do you do the 1 kw model?
Yes it is available on code 252086
Do you do the 1 kw model?
Yes, the code for the 1Kw model is 252086.
Hi, can this be hard wired into economy 7? Kind regards
No, this cannot be hard wired into Economy 7. Storage heaters run on that tariff.
Hi. Does the heater have a time clock that can be set for coming on same time everyday or is it just a countdown timer
This heater has a countdown timer only and cannot be set to come on at specific times of the day.
Is there a way of temperature control which is not on a timer?
If the heater is set on constant then the temperature can be controlled without the timer. 
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