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Commercial Air Fresheners & Air Freshener Refills

Commercial Air Fresheners & Air Freshener Refills

Commercial Air Fresheners - Dispensers, Refills and Hand Held Units

The UK's leading online washroom site offers you the most complete range of Air Freshener dispensers with refills to transform your washroom with a varied selection of aromas. Working with leading manufacturers, to provide you with choice and quality to banish malodours and freshen any washroom environment.

Commercial Bathroom Air Fresheners:

This range of air freshener dispensers and refills offers a variety of units from programmable air freshener dispensers for bathrooms through to manual hand held units for reception and conference rooms.

Programmable Aerosol Air Fresheners:

The most popular type of wall mounted air freshener dispenser. Commonly found in washrooms but also popular in reception areas of offices and meeting rooms, where guests, suppliers and customers need to be impressed. These air fresheners can often be programmed to spray in many different intervals, from once every 15 minutes through to once hourly, depending on the use of the room in question.

These are an essential part of a hygienic, user friendly commercial washroom. Your business may offer the finest cuisine however if you walk into a bathroom that is smelly and very unhygienic, this can only lead to a negative experience for customers.

These are often the most cost effective way of ensuring you have a clean, fresh and odour free bathroom and refill usage can be measured, depending on the settings you use.

Air Freshener Refills:

Air freshener refills are available for all of the leading dispensers we offer. From traditional 270ml cans through to smaller 160ml cans for smaller models. A huge variety of fragrances are available to suit the mood and ambiance of your premises. Remember, your bathroom is an extension of your premises. Fragrances vary from citrus through to fresh linen.

Non aerosol air freshener dispensers:

These are ideal if you want to freshen your washroom throughout the day. The fragrances are slowly released to mask odours throughout the entire day. These are often slim and can be found in the top corner of a washroom.

Hand Held Air Fresheners:

These user friendly air fresheners are ideal for staff to freshen either a washroom or communal area ahead of a meeting or guests arriving. They can also be used in the home and often boast a higher concentration of fragrance compared to household air fresheners.

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