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Caravan Heaters

How to Heat your Caravan

Our range of heaters ensure that we have a suitable heater for whichever room in your caravan requires heating. Panel Heaters with a range of heat outputs can be fitted or left free standing in a main living area of a caravan or smaller models can heat bedrooms and passage areas. Oil Filled radiators can be moved around the Caravan with the fitted castors and Tubular Heaters can be used as a low cost anti frost heater.

Selecting the right Caravan Heater

Heating your caravan correctly can be the difference between a enjoyable break away or one spent shivering under the duvet on the sofa. It can also be the difference for you Caravan owners of returning future business or not, if your heating is found to be difficult to use or ineffective.

Fixed Heating

Some Caravan owners choose to fix units to the wall of the Caravan. Typically these type of heaters will be Panel Heaters that are available in a range of sizes to suit the size of the room and the space available to wall mount the heater. Most of these models will be fitted with a adjustable thermostat and timer and can actually be wall mounted or left free standing to provide flexibility to the owner.

Anti Frost Heating

Many Caravan users fit tubular heaters to keep frost at bay as well as providing gentle soothing heat across a bedroom or lounge. These can be a great space saver as they are very thin by design in comparison to radiators.

Portable Heating

Convector Heaters are also fitted with thermostats and timers and work similarly to Panel Heaters in that they can be wall mounted or left free standing and moved from room to room. Due to their more compact size, they are easier to move than Panel Heaters and are lightweight in nature. Halogen heaters can be moved from lounge to bedrooms and will heat spaces quicker than Panel Heaters. Some models also oscillate so the whole family can be heated by the one heater directly, whilst for example watching television.

whilst being heavier than panel and convector heaters, Oil filled radiators can be wheeled from room to room, and come in a range of heat outputs upto 2.5kw to heat large open spaces. More advanced models are also fitted with thermostats and timers to give the user control over heat output and usage.

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