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Conservatory Heaters

Heating your Conservatory

We offer a broad range of heating solutions for the conservatory to provide the user a choice, depending on their current situation, which heater is most suited to their needs. If you are looking for primary heating ie, the main source of heating, a selection of panel heaters or one larger unit may suffice depending on the size of the conservatory. The user can use smaller oil filled radiators or convector heaters to provide secondary heat alongside fitted central heating. Any number of products can be combined to provide enough heat for the conservatory. The choice really is with the user on how to heat their conservatory.

How to heat your conservatory this winter?

Typically, conservatories will be stiflingly hot in summer and freezing cold in winter. Heating and ventilating your conservatory adequately is pivotal to getting all year round use from the room.

Conservatories do vary in size which opens up a range of heaters to heat the room. We generally use the formula that the cubic feet of the room = the minimum wattage needed to heat the room. If the room is 1500 cubic feet, we would recommend a 1500 watt heater to heat the room.

Panel Heaters:

Wall mounted panel heaters can stretch along the conservatory wall and avoid the cluttering and movement you get with portable oil filled radiators. Ideal for when you have no permanent heating solution fitted, such as central heating. Available in numerous styles but panel heaters are always slim line in design which suits a conservatories open design. They are typically fitted with adjustable thermostats and 24 hour timers.

Oil Filled Radiators:

Oil Filled radiators can be used as a powerful heating option in conservatories. Whilst larger models (2.5kw) can heat a conservatory alone, portable radiators are generally used alongside traditional radiators linked up to your central heating. If pets are kept within the conservatory, thermostats can be used on the oil filled radiators to maintain the heat in the room and avoid frost build up.

Convector Heaters:

In much the same way as panel heaters operate, convector heaters can be left free standing (and moved to another room in summer) or wall mounted as the permanent heating solution for a conservatory. Models typically are around 2KW which means any conservatory up to 2000 cubic feet could be heated comfortably. If the conservatory is larger, combine a convector heater with a smaller model of panel or oil filled radiator to ensure no cold spots are left. Most models are fitted with thermostats and timers to allow the user to maintain the temperature of the room and select when the heater is used.

There are plenty of choices when deciding how to heat your conservatory, and a lot depends on the size of the room and the heating already fitted. Whether you are looking for supplementary heat or the sole heating solution in the room, take note of the wattage of the appliances to ensure you have enough heat to heat the room thoroughly.

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