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HSD Online were one of the first companies to sell electric fly killers online in the UK. Since our founding in 2003, we’ve sold quality, efficient electric fly killers to thousands of homeowners and business owners alike. We’re constantly striving to bring new and innovative electric fly killers to the marketplace and we work with quality manufacturers, such as Insect-O-Cutor, Brandenburg and Excalibur to provide the best products and service. All electric fly killers come with a full 30-day money back guarantee, and we won’t be beaten on price! If you have any questions about our vast range of electric fly killers for home, business or industrial use, just call our experts on freephone 0800 091 31 71 or read our buyer's guide to electric fly killers.

How does a fly killer work?

Electric fly killers use ultraviolet light to attract flying insects into the product, before either zapping them dead on a high voltage killing grid or trapping them on a sticky glueboard. UV tubes attract flying insects by emitting a wavelength of light most flies can’t resist, making them an incredibly popular and efficient method of pest control.

Which fly killer should I install?

Choosing the appropriate electric fly killer for your application will help ensure your environment is correctly protected from flying insects. Each fly killer has a recommended coverage area based upon UV light output, specification and design. As a general rule, zapper fly killers are ideal for back room areas with high numbers of flying insects, whilst glueboard units are essential for sensitive applications such as food preparation areas. Front of house and domestic areas often require a decorative solution, providing discrete but effective insect control that blends in with the décor around it. There are a massive range of fly killers for almost every potential environment. To help you decide which fly killer is right for you or your business, click HERE for our handy buyers’ guide.

Where should I install my electric fly killer?

The UV light emitted from the tubes attracts flying insects to the electric fly killer, so it is important to ensure that the UV light can be seen from all areas of the room to be protected. As such, Electric fly killers should ideally be mounted at least 2m above ground level, providing an increased opportunity for the fly to be attracted to the UV light. Position the electric fly killer on the opposite wall to sources of natural light such as doors, windows and skylights, which may provide competition to the UV tubes in attracting flying insects. The UV tubes should be visible from every part of the area to be protected. If you’ve got a large, complex space with lots of walls and pillars, you may want to look at two or more fly killers to ensure maximum coverage. You can also supplement your fly killer with non-electric methods, such as door chains or sticky fly traps.

Replacement bulbs for electric fly killers

Please note that electric fly killer bulbs are only effective for approximately a year and should be replaced every year to maximise their UV effectiveness. The reason all bulbs lose their effectiveness is that the UV coating in the bulb simply wares away over approximately a year with normal regular use. We stock Fly Killer Bulbs for all UK models.


Fly facts!

Common House Fly: The common house fly is a prime disease carrier and can travel up to 5 miles in one day in search of food, as anyone who’s tried to eat an ice cream in public on a summer’s day will tell you. Adult common house flies are strongly attracted to UVA and green light. Food lures and sex pheromone traps are also strong attractants.

Lesser House Fly: Similar to the common house fly, lesser house flies have slimmer bodies and a more hovering and jerky pattern of flight. Although less common, this species is not strongly attracted to UVA light so sticky fly traps should be used.

Fruit Flies: This fly species is attracted to fermenting fruit and is a particular nuisance to the brewing industry around the world. UVA and green light are attractants for flies except those less than 4 days old, so other defences will be required.

Most flies are looking for one of two things: either they want food, or they want somewhere to mate. If you’re having a big problem with lots of flies, try a combination of food lures, sex pheromones (like in fly traps) and UV zappers.

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