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Flea Control

Flea Control

Adult fleas lay all of their eggs (up to 50 per day) on the pet. However, the eggs soon fall off the animal into carpeting, beneath the cushions of furniture, and wherever else the pet rests, sleeps or spends most of its time. This is where you the homeowners should focus control measures.

After hatching, flea eggs develop into tiny, worm-like larvae. Larvae remain hidden deep in carpet fibres, beneath furniture cushions and in other protected areas. The larvae feed mainly on adult flea faces (dried blood) which accumulates, along with the eggs, in pet resting and activity areas.

Before becoming adult fleas, the larvae transform into pupae within a silk-like cocoon. Pupae remain inside the cocoon for 2 to 4 weeks, sometimes longer.

¬ The cocoon is resistant to insecticides and this is why some adult fleas are seen for an extended period, even after the home and pet are treated.

Treatment of Premises:

If you neglect to treat the pet's environment (the premises), you will miss more than 90% of the developing flea population -- the eggs, larvae and pupae. If the pet spends time indoors, the interior of the home should also be treated. Before treatment, the pet owner should:

Remove all toys, clothing, and stored items from floors, under beds, and in closets. This step is essential so that all areas will be accessible for treatment.

Remove pet food and water dishes, cover fish tanks, and disconnect their aerators.

Wash, dry-clean or destroy all pet bedding.

Reason for vacuuming the room:

• Vacuuming removes many of the eggs, larvae and pupae developing within the home.

• Vacuuming also stimulates pre-adult fleas to emerge sooner from their insecticide-resistant cocoons, thus hastening their contact with insecticide residues in the carpet.

• By raising the nap of the carpet, vacuuming improves the insecticide's penetration down to the base of the carpet fibres where the developing fleas live.

Where to Vacuum:

• Vacuum thoroughly, especially in areas where pets rest or sleep. Don't forget to vacuum along edges of rooms and beneath furniture, cushions, beds, and throw rugs.

What to do with the Vacuum bag or cylinder:

• After vacuuming, seal the vacuum bag in a garbage bag and discard it in an outdoor trash container.

• Empty the vacuum cylinder contents in a garbage bag and discard it in an outdoor trash container.

Treatment of Pet:

It is important that the pet be treated in conjunction with the premises, preferably on the same day. Adult fleas spend virtually their entire life on the animal -- not in the carpet. Untreated pets will continue to be bothered by fleas. They may also transport fleas in from outdoors, eventually overcoming the effectiveness of the insecticide applied inside the home.

Treating your home:

Each room the pet harbouring the fleas regularly goes into should be treated with adequate amounts of smoke bombs, spray and powders, as well as treating the pet itself.

Treating a room for fleas:

Keep all the contents of the room within the room and use the recommended amount of flea bombs within that room. Seal the room and leave the room for 3 hours whilst the fumers have been placed on a heat resistant surface and lit.

The fumers will smoke for 30-60 seconds and after the 3 hour period has expired, you can reenter the room and spray petr bedding, carpets and other soft furnishings as well as skirting boards and windowsills.

We would advocate using a powder to treat the carpet near electrical sockets as well as treating the pet itself with either a veterinary product, or alternatively we have HSE approved products to kill fleas on animals that you would commonly find in vets. These powders are organic and safe for animal use and consumption and would work in conjunction with the products to kill fleas within a room.

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