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Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Lacking substantial humidity in your home? Or is your household too humid for your liking? Either way, there are machines which will greatly alleviate the problem: humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Both are useful in ensuring your premises stay at just the right humidity for your own particular needs.

Humidifiers’ sole purpose is to provide your room(s) with a more balanced humidity. The use of too much central heating can leave the air dry – something which can be a problem for those people who suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies. A lack of or an excessive amount of humidity can flare up these health issues.

On the other hand, dehumidifiers are ideal for those places which have become damp and in need of a decrease in humidity levels. They are particularly useful in the colder months when dampness issues can be exacerbated by the harsh weather conditions. Dehumidifiers will also help to greatly reduce any damp or foul odours in your home.

Why Choose HSD For Your Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers?

HSD stocks several humidifiers and dehumidifiers to suit whichever problem you’re experiencing when it comes to humidity in your house. What’s more, they all benefit from being portable, meaning they can be easily moved from one room to another – ideal for bigger properties that have differing humidity levels depending on the room.

One of our most popular humidifiers is Homefront’s Premium Digital Cool Mist Humidifier thanks to its beneficial mist function and handy preset humidity – both working in tandem to purify the air and helping to improve the moisture in your premises. MYLEK’s Remote Control Globe Humidifier follows suit, utilizing a built-in ioniser and ceramic filter to ensure your room is always at a manageable humidity level.

If your walls have become waterlogged with damp, dehumidifiers like The Xtreem Dehumidifier will drain them extensively thanks to their large capacity water tanks. However, if you need something for a small water draining job, bear in mind that we also stock mini dehumidifiers – ideal for box rooms because it’s really efficient and doesn’t take up space.

On top of our machines, we also stock various accessories and absorbents for both humidifying and dehumidifying. Items such as Prem-I-Air’s Eco Car Moisture Absorbing Dehumidifier will help to stop your vehicle’s windows from fogging up in the winter, while other neat dehumidifying trimmings like the Disposable Moisture Absorbent Dehumidifier will reduce mould, mildew, and damp that has built up in smaller areas of the home like drawers and cupboards.

However, that’s just skimming the surface with what we offer here at HSD in the humidifiers and dehumidifiers category. From the multi-purpose DXAD100 to the thorough dehumidification kit – there’s a real plethora of options here at your disposal courtesy of highly regarded brands and manufacturers like MYLEK, Prem-I-Air, Homefront, and many more!

Each one of these products also come with a whole host of useful features and nifty extras, so feel free to browse through our online catalogue to find the right one for you! We offer fast delivery & parcel tracking for the benefit of our loyal customers.

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