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Moth Killer


Moth Killer

Moths and larvae can prove to be a real nuisance for many households across the UK. While adult moths won’t directly harm you, their constant egg-laying will cause problems in the long run. That’s because the real trouble stems from those very same eggs that they leave around the home.

Once they hatch, they turn into larvae. This metamorphosis period is when your items and possessions are most at risk as the larvae will nibble and gnaw on various materials in the home such as clothes, carpets, rugs, and other precious fabrics and belongings. What you’re left with are holes in your most beloved commodities.

However, there are several steps you can take to rid your house of them – many of which can help to exterminate large infestations just as effectively as they would with smaller ones. If you’re being plagued by these fluttering insects, it’s maybe time to make use of some of the best insecticide products on the market to finally bid them farewell!

Why Choose HSD For Your Moth Killer Products?

At HSD, the best is exactly what you get. Our moth killer products are some of the most proficient you’ll find anywhere for dealing with moth and larvae outbreaks. Professional exterminators actually utilise them – highlighting just how highly regarded they are in the pest control field.

First up are our moth traps. These useful little items should be inserted into wardrobes and cupboards where the pest problem is at its most persistent, serving to lure in the moths before catching them with their sticky surface. Made up of strong glue and special pheromone, moth traps will help you detect the early warning signs of moths in the vicinity, as well as helping to bring down their numbers.

Xterminate and Protector C’s clothes moth sprays are designed to completely kill any moths or larvae that come in contact with them. The HSE approved insecticides include an active ingredient which targets the neurological makeup of the moths, ultimately leading to their demise. What’s more, they will work on adult moths as well as larvae to ensure that the pests are susceptible to attack during all stages of their life cycle.

Our line of powders on the other hand are perfect for those awkward areas of your home that aren’t as easily sprayed. The powder can be poured into cracks and crevices in walls, gaps and holes in skirting, and nooks and crannies in windowsills. It’s also brilliant for those delicate parts of your house which can’t be tampered with too much, such as plug sockets and household appliances. Again, once ingested, the pest will succumb to its lethal ingredients.

Finally, fumers/smoke bombs could be the ideal choice for those homes which have been invaded by large infestations. They provide substantial coverage in premises that are in need of a heavy dose of insecticide. Open up drawers, cupboards, wardrobes, and anything else that you think could be a hiding place for the pest. Once you’ve done that, light the fuse, seal the door, and allow it to disperse for a minimum of three hours.

For the most effective outcome, it’s advised that these products be used in conjunction with one another – helping to drastically wipe out infestations with their powerful combined force. We offer fast delivery and parcel tracking for the benefit of our loyal customers, and if you have any queries regarding our moth killer stock, feel free to contact our customer service team for support.

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