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Platinum Water Heaters

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Platinum Water Heaters

Platinum Water Heaters - Under and Over Sink Models

The Platinum range of water heaters offer a property a affordable, yet durable and efficient method of providing heated water for use in the home or office. By heating up water and storing it, the user can call off the heated water as they need it, whether for hand washing, face washing or washing the dishes.

This range of electric water heaters help a property cut down on water and energy waste, by providing a set amount of heated water at the source, rather than drawing the water from the main water tank. Using the latest in insulation and design, the water heater tank helps maintain the temperature of the water within the unit. This reduces the amount of times the unit needs to reheat the water during the day as standing losses are kept to a minimum. Once the capacity has been used, the property must wait for the fresh water to be heated before trying to draw more water off. This is why it is essential to ensure the correct sized water heaters is installed. A full range of expansion vessels and accessories are available for safe installation to protect from damaged pipework or fittings should a pressure problem or fault occur. Why a Platinum water heater? The entire range are backed by a 5 year warranty and provides a set amount of water. Tankless or Instant water heaters provide water on demand but operate at higher wattages, compared to the Platinum water heater range that operate at 2000 watts for lower energy use. Minimal energy is required to heat the water back up once the water has expired or to heat it back up once the water temperature drops.
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