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Rat Control

There’s nothing quite as alarming in the household than the sight of a rat. With estimates of around 90 million in Britain alone, it’s no surprise that they scurry into our homes or workplaces from time to time squeezing through the tightest of gaps and holes in search of their next snack. But what exactly do you do when you spy one of these unsightly creatures? Well, there are more solutions to the problem than you might initially think…

Rat Traps

The most common solution for getting rid of rats is the trusty rat trap. Whether it’s a strangulation contraption or a simpler device – traps are the go-to products for exterminating those pesky rodents. Lure rats in with bate such as peanut butter, fruit, vegetables or cereals for a fast and effective way to get rid of them for good!

Humane Rat Traps

If you’re after a more humane way of dealing with the problem, look no further than electronic and humane rat traps. The former will stun the pest, while the latter will subdue it long enough for you to release it back into the wild.

Rat Poisons

If you despair at the thought of even coming in contact with a rat, then a rat poison is worth looking into. Because the rodent will consume the poison, it means that it will most likely meet its demise somewhere that you don’t have to interact with it. It’s recommended that a bait station is used for any poison you plan to use as it provides you with a safe and concealed way to manage the pest. Products such as the Rotech Secure Rat Bait Station are discreet, secure, and effective for a more out of sight, out of mind way of disposing of rats.

Why Choose HSD For Your Rat Control Problem?

No matter which way you plan to deal with the pest, HSD Online has you covered. From lethal to non-lethal methods – there is something for everyone when it comes to making your home or workplace a rat-free environment once more! All of our Rat Control products are covered by our price match guarantee, meaning we won’t be beaten on price by anyone!

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