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Rat Control

Rat Control

Rat Control: For the home or workplace

We are delighted to offer you a complete selection of solutions to get rid of rats from a home or work environment.

  • Fast acting Rat Poison for use indoors or out to eradicate a rat infestation quickly and efficiently.
  • Rat Traps use with peanut butter, carrot or anything sweet in the attic, garage or warehouse for a quick, easy and simple solution.
  • Humane Rat Traps remove rats alive and well from your home in a safe and humane way at a budget price.

Specialist advice from HSDonline is available at any point to guide you through the process and to help you make the right decision in eradicating rats from your property.

HSDonline have created a wide range of simple DIY pest control kits and products to save you money and allow you to get rid of rats easily.

Spotted a rat?

Few Facts:

  • The rat travels anywhere in the search for food
  • Female rats have up to 5 litters /year with an average of 7 offspring /litter
  • There is an estimated 90 million rats in the UK
  • HSDonline provide customers the choice of using a wide range of products such as: traditional poisons, rat traps & the most modern eradication technique: ultrasonic pest repellers.

    5 ways to get rid of rats:

  • Electronic traps
  • These traps are designed to electrocute the rat. The rat will enter the specially designed trap, as it makes its way towards the bait it will pass over both killing plates which completes the electrical circuit through the rodent.

  • Strangulation Traps
  • The strangulation traps work by releasing an elastic band around the neck of the rodent. Strangulation then occurs killing the pest in a matter of moments.

  • Traditional Clamp Traps
  • The more commonly seen and known rat traps which have been used for decades. Simply set the trap and attach the bait and wait for the rodents to become hungry!

  • Rat poison
  • Rat poison is becoming increasingly popular, this is due to the fact that you will not have to see or remove any dead rodent from the bait station or trap as they will eat the poison and then die elsewhere.

    (Bait stations are recommended to be used when leaving down poison).

  • Humane Rat Traps
  • Humane traps will trap the pest without harming it, allowing you to release it away from your home.

    If you need help or advise, call our friendly professional customer services team on 08000913171.

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