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Toilet Roll Dispensers

Toilet Roll Dispensers

Are you a business owner? Are you the headteacher at a school? Are you the facilities manager of a cinema? No matter which box you tick, it’s important that you have the right toilet roll dispenser for your premises. And with more and more users going online to review services, it’s become even more vital to ensure that you have the right toilet roll dispenser for them to use.

It could come down to how easy it is to maintain, or it could be how well it fits with the décor of your washroom – finding one that best matches your requirements is the key to acquiring the most useful toilet roll dispenser available. It’s worth weighing up the different attributes that each one possesses in order to pinpoint the best one for your establishment.

Given that, it’s also important to remember that toilet roll dispensers differ from one another when it comes to size, shape, and dispenser type, as well as the material used to make them. Knowing the difference between a brushed stainless steel toilet roll dispenser and a plastic toilet roll dispenser is important, and at HSD, we want you to find the correct one for your establishment.

Why Choose HSD For Your Toilet Roll Dispensers?

No matter what size or shape you want your toilet roll dispenser to be, HSD has something to suit your needs. With a wide range from all the leading manufacturers and brands to choose from, it’s fair to say that you’ve come to the right place if you need a toilet roll dispenser for your business.

Our best seller is the brushed stainless steel toilet roll dispenser due to its incredible durability and maintainable surface – perfect for larger areas such as restaurants and schools. They are great dispensers for premises which typically have a high traffic of people coming through the door thanks to their robust build and large capacity. On top of that, they also come with a lock to keep out vandals who might try to break into it, giving you peace of mind if you decide to get one fitted.

Our line of plastic toilet roll dispensers are designed to be easily cleaned and allow for standard-sized toilet roll to be fitted into them. As a neat little bonus, they can also be customized with your brand logo – ideal for companies who wish to keep their establishment uniform and consistent. Plastic toilet roll dispensers are also mute choices for buildings with a lower risk of attracting vandals.

When it comes to establishments that are busy on a regular basis, the jumbo toilet roll dispensers are your best bet. They can hold large rolls of paper – a necessity for places like leisure centres, shopping centres, cinemas, and other densely populated properties because you don’t need to replenish rolls as often.

For instance, jumbo dispensers such as Pro Kleen’s can hold rolls in excess of 400 meters which decreases the need to refill exponentially. This also comes in useful from a reputation standpoint because the more people who go without toilet roll in your establishment, the more negative opinion you’ll receive. But don’t worry if space is tight in your washroom – we also offer mini jumbo toilet roll dispensers.

We even stock twin and quadruple toilet roll dispensers for those places that are too occupied to be refilled every hour. What’s more, they both benefit from being coreless, which ultimately reduces the amount of paper wasted by an individual, as well as leaving less mess to clean up.

Ensure your business washroom reflects the high quality of your business by using the correct toilet roll dispenser – HSD has the right one to match your particular requirements. All of our toilet roll dispensers are covered by our price match guarantee, meaning we won’t be beaten on price by anyone!

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