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Cotton Towel Cabinets


Cotton Towel Cabinets

Cotton roller towel cabinets for any washroom

Cotton roller towel cabinets can provide hygienic and cost effective methods of hand drying for any commercial washroom. Working with leading manufacturers, our range of Towel Cabinets offer economic and hygiene benefits compared to paper towels without compromising on design.

Cotton Towel Cabinets

Towel cabinets are the ideal solution for two of the biggest problems facing commercial premises.

1) Paper towels littering the floor of bathrooms and blocking toilets up. Plaguing schools by being thrown and stuck onto walls and ceilings, completely ruining the image of the washroom. Taking valuable staff time in cleaning up the bathroom and of course the cost involved of replenishing the paper towels wasted.

2) Hand dryers, whilst many are energy efficient and economical, can cause problems for certain users due to their power and noise level. People with learning disabilities and children can be frightened to use hand dryers and either cause issues for parents and carers as well as leading them to be vulnerable as they may be hesitant to wash their hands in the future.

Still remarkably popular, Cotton roller cabinets provide a warm, comfortable and reassuring feel for users when using a commercial washroom that successfully bridges the gap between hand towels and hand dryers. They provide the feeling of being at home and the comfort that brings. After washing your hands, dry your hands on the towel provided and then move the towel along or in more advanced models for busier toilets, the used towel will be automatically retracted after use.

The used part of the towel is left isolated from the clean area of towel so as a business owner you know you are providing a clean and user friendly hand drying solution. The towel cabinets are all stylishly designed and are robust to withstand heavy long term use.

A 40 metre towel will provide over 200 portions of towel for 200 uses giving an estimated cost of 65p per use.

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