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Tower Fans

When the sun becomes unbearably hot, tower fans are a great addition to any home or workplace. Their thin design ensures they will not take up much space, whilst still dispensing cold air throughout an overheated room.

Tower Fans

When the summertime arrives, the glorious sun we’ve all been waiting for can cause serious discomfort for homeowners and office workers! The sun creates an unbearably hot environment, causing individuals to feel agitated and uncomfortable. Feeling like this makes working (or relaxing!) extremely difficult, which often creates a bad atmosphere in family households and in offices. Tower fans prevent this from happening, blowing cold air throughout a room or office, without taking up a wide area of space. Perfect for standing in an empty, unused corner, tower fans are a powerful and convenient solution to those intolerably warm summer days!

Speed Settings

Our tower fans have at least 3-speed settings, which dispense cool air at different rates. This makes them perfect to use throughout every month, as when the weather changes, you can easily change the setting on the tower fan to facilitate the weather outside. Particularly useful for when a room becomes a little bit colder than you’d like – you can simply turn the speed setting down, without having to turn the fan completely off.  

The speed settings are also useful for those wishing to use their fans on a night time.  During summer, sleeping can seem impossible! With rooms becoming warmer, as well as your duvet and pillows adding to the heat intensity, a tower fan can be a miracle worker! Simply set the speed setting higher before you go to bed to make your bedroom cooler, and then decrease the speed as you get into bed to maintain the temperature through the night! This will ensure you are not woken from your sleep due to the room becoming too hot, whilst also saving you energy.

Remote Control Operated

remote control operated tower fanOur tower heaters can be operated manually, or with a remote control. For busy offices where the fan may be kept out of reach, the remote control provides you with the option to change the temperature or speed setting without having to leave your desk! Similarly, if you’re relaxing at home, you can adjust the temperature to suit yours and your family’s needs, without having to move from where you’re sitting.

The remote control feature is also useful for those days where the weather is continuously fluctuating and you’re wanting to turn the fan on and off several times a day. It prevents you from having to leave the task you’re completing, whilst also keeping yours and those around you feeling comfortable and cool all day long!


Having a timer on your tower fan is extremely useful. It allows you to programme the fan when to turn on and off, without having to think about it! Perfect for those working away from home, the timer can be set to start the fan before you arrive home, ensuring that you are not entering an unpleasantly hot household. Similarly, you can ensure that the fan is on before employees enter their office, allowing them to arrive into a nicely cooled area to work.

Timers are also perfect for night-time use, as you can set the fan to be on whilst you sleep (most models run for 7.5 hours) in 30-minute instalments. In the summer months, this will allow you to sleep better throughout the night, whilst also saving you money and energy by preventing the fan to just run continuously all night long. 

Varied Sizing

Depending on the space you require a tower fan, our models vary in size. Starting from our mini models at 14 inches, right through to our largest at 40 inches, they can accommodate any room. The mini models are perfect for garages, outhouses or smaller bedrooms, as they provide the cool air you require – without taking up the limited space! For larger workrooms, living rooms or offices, our taller models will dispense large amounts of cold air, transforming any warm and uninviting room to a cool and comfortable place to relax or work!


digital tower fanWhen the summertime hits, for many of us, the heat isn’t our only problem. With the pollen count rising, hay fever sufferers are forced to stay inside to prevent those itchy eyes and constant sneezes! By investing in one of our tower fans with a built-in ionizer, you can make the summer much more bearable. By using an electric attraction, the ionizer cleans the air of pollen and dust before dispensing it back into the air. This creates a fresh environment for everyone, especially those with strong allergic reactions during the summer months. Your employees, or family members, who suffer from this will be extremely grateful for the relief these fans will provide from the outside pollen-filled air!


As well as our tower fans dispensing cool air, many models also oscillate. This means the fan turns from side to side, dispending air in different directions throughout your chosen room. This allows the room temperature to feel much cooler in a shorter amount of time, due to it being felt in all directions. This is also a great feature to have in an office, where many employees will be sat in different places throughout a room. The oscillation feature will ensure the fan is felt by everyone working, without the air only being dispensed towards one or two people who are sat nearest to where the tower fan is positioned.


Fans, although lifesavers in summer, can often be extremely noisy! Whether you’re trying to relax by watching TV or at work concentrating, a noisy fan can be extremely distracting. That’s why all of our models work quietly, ensuring that no loud noises are going to disturb you whilst it cools you down!


Mylek tower fanWe believe all of these features are essential in a tower fan. They ensure the model you buy is of excellent quality, convenient, and will be sure to provide you with cool air all year long! That’s why we recommend our MYLEK Silver Cyclops Oscillating Tower Fan. Unlike other fans, this has 6-speed settings, a 12-hour timer and adjustable louvres. Perfect for businesses that only want the best, this MYLEK model is sure to provide you with fantastic results with every use!

Browse our range of tower fans today to find the perfect model for your workspace or home! Never face another unbearably hot summer without having a tower fan dispensing cold air out to comfort you, your employees or your family!

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