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Tower Fans

Tower Fans

When it comes to getting a machine that delivers great cooling, while also being compact enough to fit into any room, you can’t go far wrong with a tower fan. Those hot and sticky conditions just got a whole lot more bearable with these stylish and effective cooling devices.

Their oscillation functions are highly efficient due to the fact that they don’t require any room to manoeuvre, and their multiple speeds, modes, and timers will ensure that you get them to perform just the way you want them to. Make no mistake about it – tower fans are some of the hottest commodities currently available on the market.

Their sleek designs are also worth mentioning – helping to add to the décor of your home without looking obtrusive. Choosing your ideal tower fan could come down to personal preference, but at HSD, we’re only happy to do everything in our power to help find the right one for you!

Why Choose HSD For Your Tower Fans?

HSD offers a variety of tower fans courtesy of esteemed brands and manufacturers such as Levante, MYLEK, and Prem-I-Air. Whether it’s for style, functionality, or both – our stock is amongst the finest you’ll find in the tower fan category, and even better, it’s among the most cost effective too!

We touched upon the supreme oscillation functions of tower fans earlier, but it’s worth delving a bit deeper into why exactly they’re so useful. For example, fans such as Status’ White Tower Fan will oscillate enough cool air to cover the whole room that they’re situated in – perfect for offices and workplaces that are full of people. But one extra feature actually accentuates its practicality…

Yes, the oscillation feature is made all the better due to the fact that almost all of our tower fans benefit from remote control capabilities. One of our premier picks is MYLEK’s Remote Control Oscillating Tower Fan – a product which is as stylish as it is practical. This – along with most of our other tower fans – gives you the ability to control the machine at the press of a button!

Something else you can remotely control is the speed setting. The majority of our fans have at least three speed settings (The Cyclops has a whopping six!), all designed for specific conditions. For example, products such as Prem-I-Air’s Remote Control Tower Fan have three dedicated speed settings for you to utilize, with each one giving you as much or as little cold air as you desire.

Of course, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t mention how sleek and suave the designs of our tower fans are. Whether you want a slick black graphite model like the Bionaire BTF100, or you’re after something like the silver stunner The Cyclops – there’s a plethora of slim beauties to effortlessly match the look and feel of your home or office.

We haven’t even touched upon all of the other cool extras our fans come with, such as built-in timers, LED screens, minimum sound, and so much more. To put the icing on the cake, all of our tower fans are easily moved thanks to their useful portability. We offer fast delivery and parcel tracking for the benefit of our loyal customers, and if you have any queries regarding our tower fan stock, feel free to contact our customer service team for support.

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