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Best Selling Hand Dryers

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A range of hand dryers to suit your needs

This range of hand dryers has been specifically chosen to cover all requirements when selecting a hand dryer for your premises. From energy efficient Dyson Airblade hand dryers to plastic, budget models, we have a selection guaranteed to suit your needs, whatever your requirements or budget.

We offer all the biggest brands including Warner Howard, Dyson and Pro-Dri at the most competitive prices online. Improve your premises hand drying facilities today.

As technology and demand for energy efficiency has increased in heating appliances, electric hand dryers have followed suit and now offer faster than ever drying times to cut down on energy usage. As these have developed, several types of hand dryers are now available to suit particular premises:

Manual hand dryers:

The traditional type of hand dryer. Typically robust in design, these are operated by pushing a button which activates the hand dryer. These are commonly fitted with a nozzle and operate on drying times around 20-30 seconds using a high powered, heated blast of air to dry hands. These are typically used in care establishments or medical premises where there ease of use and familiarity are preferred.

Automatic hand dryers:

These are activated by placing the hands under the units sensors. The unit will then switch on. These models are available in different designs and with different specifications. Some units have a drying time of 10 seconds and cost very little to run per year due to the energy efficiency of the model. Some of these models include the Warner Howard Airforce and the Pro-Dri Extreme.

Low Noise Hand Dryers

These are important for restaurant owners where the washroom may be close to the eating area and other noise sensitive areas, this range of models ensures users outside of the bathroom are not disturbed. They are also useful in schools and nurseries as to avoid scaring children. Airdri were awarded the noise abatement society award for the Quartz hand dryer.

Eco Hand Dryers

This range of units boast features to save energy and cut down on bills, making the payback time often much less than the warranty period offered. For example, the Dyson AB14 model costs only £40 a year to run compared to £400 to be spent on hand towels for the same amount of hands dried. These models are developed using the latest technology and offer savings compared to using paper towels or lesser units. Eco hand dryers are often fitted in high footfall areas such as sporting stadiums, Michelin star restaurants and service stations where using a lesser hand dryer would use more energy and negatively effect people’s experiences of the washroom in question.

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