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All Oil Filled Radiators

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All Oil Filled Radiators

Electric Oil Filled Radiators

A wide range of Oil Filled Radiators with a variety of heat outputs for domestic or commercial use. From Mini Radiators ideal for caravans, sheds and workshops, to larger 2.5KW radiators to heat a lounge, conservatory or office apace. Larger radiators are fitted with timers and thermostats whilst all remaining portable for easy movement throughout the home.

Oil filled radiators for the home or businesses

Oil filled radiators are great to act as supplementary heaters in a room, or as fixed permanent heating solutions. They are available in a range of different sizes and therefore wattages as typically, the more fins the radiator has, the bigger it is, the more powerful its heat output. These oil filled heaters are traditionally portable and come supplied with castors, enabling you to easily wheel it from room to room or through the office comfortably.

More advanced models will come fitted with multiple heat settings, timers and thermostats. The heat settings allows you to identify how much heat you need for that particular circumstance to provide a comfortable level of heat without becoming overpowering. The thermostat is ideal for 'setting and forgetting' the radiators heat level. Set the thermostat at home or in the office to your desired temperature, and the radiator will maintain this chosen setting throughout the day.

A timer allows you to program the heater when to switch on and off. This is great for preserving energy but also ensuring you return to a heated lounge or bedroom at bedtime or walking into a warm office in a morning.

Wall Mounted Oil filled panel radiators:

Oil filled panel radiators such as the Dimplex OFX range are more for permanent heating in a home. They fit onto a wall and although they use the same oil heating technology as portable radiators, they are vastly different. Typically slim in design, they sit on a wall and are seen as more aesthetically pleasing than portable units.

Mini Oil filled radiators

Primarily used as anti frost heaters or to keep pets warm during the day, mini oil filled radiators usually have a capacity of less than 1000 watts. They are much smaller and lightweight than other units and are able to protect against frost and to keep a room aired.

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