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All Panel Heaters

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All Panel Heaters

A Wide Range of Electric Panel Heaters

Our range of Panel Heaters contain heaters in a variety of styles all packed with features such as timers, thermostats and multiple heat settings. The majority of our panel heaters are flexible with installation and can be left free standing or permanently wall mounted. A fantastic range of brands including Dimplex, Prem-I-Air and Homefront at the most competitive prices online.

A full range of Electric Panel heaters from leading brands and manufacturers in the UK such as Stiebel Eltron, Heatstore, Levante and Dimplex. Electric Panel heaters are increasingly popular as they are slim in design and have flexible installation methods.

Flexible Installation

Some Electric Panel heaters can be wall mounted as a permanent fixture of a room or remain free standing where they can be unplugged and moved from room to room as they are typically lightweight. The slim design often finds them popular with caravan owners and in bedrooms where they protrude less than a standard radiator and allow you more space in a room.


Panel Heaters are often fitted with adjustable thermostats. These thermostats have advanced as technology has advanced, leading to a incrediblly small margin for error when controlling temperatures. Thermostats can be set so a room stays at that desired temperature and ensure the heater does not just keep emitting heat unecessarily. This can keep energy costs to a minimum.

IP Rated Panel Heaters

Some models are IP Rated, this means they can be safely installed into a bathroom by a qualified professional.

Heaters with Timers

Heaters that are fitted with timers allow the user to pre heat a room before the room is even entered. This ensures, in winter, that you do not return home to a cold house. As well as this, timers also ensures, like thermostats, that the heater does not continue to heat a room when it isn't needed and again, keeping usage and electricity bills to a minimum.

Panel heater ranges often come in a variety of sizes per each model type, such as 500 watts, 1KW, 1.25, 1.5KW and 2KW. We find that using the cubic feet of a room is often a good indication of the wattage needed to heat that particular room.

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