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Automatic Hand Dryers

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Automatic Hand Dryers

Automatic Hand Dryers - a more hygienic way to dry your hands

Automatic electric hand dryers are the more hygienic way to dry your hands compared to traditional push button types. Manual or push button hand dryers can have a bacteria build up on the push button itself whereas these automatic models only require the hands to be placed under the hand dryer to activate the unit. A wide range of automatic units are available from budget units through to high traffic, energy efficient models.

Automatic hand dryers are a more hygienic and efficient way of drying your hands.

Rather than manually operating a hand dryer using a push button, these models are activated by sensors and your hands activate these automatically when placed either under the hand dryer or inside the unit in some cases. These type of hand dryer now make up 90% of the models in the UK.

They are available in different finishes with different features and efficiency ratings to suit every budget and need. Finishes and body material range from plastic to brushed stainless steel for more robust operations. Hands in automatic hand dryers work by placing your hands inside of the unit and typically are some of the most energy efficient hand dryers available. Some running costs are as little as £10-£50 a year depending on usage and all have extensive warranty periods.

Some models such as the Pro-Dri Extreme are fitted with adjustable wattages. These then provide either hot or cold airflow depending on the setting selected and save energy (operating at 550 watts rather than 1800 watts) if selected on the lowest setting. Most units offer a tremendous energy and cost saving in comparison to using paper towels.

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