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Burco Autofill Water Boilers


Burco Autofill Water Boilers

Autofill Hot water boilers - perfect for cafe's, restaurants and care homes

These Burco autofill water boilers are fed from your mains water supply and avoid the timely issue of manually refilling a traditional catering urn and then waiting for it to reboil, that can take over 40 minutes on some 26 litre and larger models.

This range of boilers from Burco are manufactured in the UK and offer numerous unrivalled features and settings to ensure your premises receives hot water for beverages without issue

Versatile Installation

The range composes of units that can either be wall mounted or left free standing on the counter top. Both of these would be plumbed in through your mains water supply and therefore constantly refill as the water level diminishes. There are hot water dispensers with filtration for hard water areas, these units also have adjustable temperature levels so the temperature of the water can be adjusted between 80 and 98 degrees. Please note this is not available on units without the filtration feature. These non filtration units dispense hot water at the peak temperature of 98 degrees.

Sizes to suit any premises

These autofill water boilers also have a variety of sizes from a smaller 3.5 Litres through to 20 litres for busier premises. This amount of water is kept heated and ready for immediate dispensing for full rounds of hot drinks. Some of the more advanced features include twin tap options that are independent from each other for quickly servicing multiple cups and mugs.

The boilers with filtration also have an extended warranty of 2 years compared to the standard units that have a 1 year warranty period.

Push button water boilers

The push button range from Burco do not have a tap, but use a simple to operate push button to dispense the hot water. This mode of dispensing is suited to self service premises where a button is easier to use for untrained customers compared to trained staff.

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