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Cluster Fly Killer Spray and Powder


Cluster Fly Killer Spray and Powder

Cluster Flies

Cluster flies are a common re-occurring pest in the UK. Cluster Flies are found in lofts, attics, garages and roof spaces, and will return to a property every year once they have settled there causing huge problems to households around the UK.

How to kill Cluster Flies

Cluster Flies can be controlled and eradicated using insecticide fumers and sprays all HSE tested and approved - really simple to use and fantastically effective, ideal for use in the home.

Cluster flies are commonly found throughout Europe and the UK, and as the name suggests they cluster together in numbers in buildings usually the loft. The cluster fly sometimes goes by the name attic fly and are considered a pest due to the nature and numbers.

This range of cluster fly pest control products are designed to eradicate cluster fly problems and cluster fly infestations. Products including cluster fly sprays, cluster fly mini fumers, will eliminate cluster flies.

If you have any questions on our range of cluster fly pest control range please call our freephone number. All cluster fly products are available on our super fast next day delivery, backed by our lowest price guarantee

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