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Electric Overblankets


Electric Overblankets

Electric Heated Overblankets

Warm yourself this winter with an Electric Heated Overblanket. A range of sizes from personal Chocolate Throws, perfect for keeping warm on the sofa with, through to King size heated over blankets for placing on top of your duvet or inside your duvet cover. Packed with features such as timers, multiple heat settings and Intelliheat functions, our range of overblankets are guaranteed to keep you warm this winter.

Electric Overblankets were manufactured for people who prefer to be heated from above, rather than below. As they have developed, overblankets are now as packed with as many features as their underblanket counterparts.

Whilst some people find traditional electric underblankets frustrating as older models often slide and move in the night leaving the user vulnerable to the cold, heated Overblankets will sit comfortably on top of your duvet, or within your duvet cover to provide sustained heat from above.

Electric Overblankets are now available in sizes such as single, double and king size with either single or dual controls depending on the size. Dual Controls allow each user of the bed to set their own settings for the overblanket, completely different to the other user. They have a wide choice of heat settings for you to experiment with and find which settings you prefer.

Dreamland Overblankets:

Dreamland models have built in Intelliheat, which is exclusive to Dreamland electric blankets, whether they are under or over blankets. This clever system automatically adjusts the settings of the over blanket dependant upon the room temperature and your temperate to ensure you sleep at the peak temperature for comfort and relaxation. The Dreamland Harmony Overblankets have extra foot warmth which are particularly useful for the elderly.

Heated Chocolate Throws:

Chocolate Throws are a fantastic heat partner whilst relaxing on a winter’s night. Ideal for relaxing on the sofa with to keep you warm, these also have multiple heat settings and the offer fantastic energy savings against central heating costs.

Heated Overblankets can help keep you warm whether in bed or on the sofa at a fraction of the price compared to traditional heating methods.

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