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Elnur Panel Heaters


Elnur Panel Heaters

Elnur Electric Panel Heaters

This range of panel heaters from Elnur offer a variety of styles with features to suit your heating needs. From models including 24 hour timers to a more basic analogue range with traditional thermostats that is easier to use for the elderly. All of the panel heaters are wall mounted and are available in a range of sizes room smaller 750 watt heaters through to larger 2KW models for larger rooms.

Why choose a Elnur panel heater for your premises?

As part of our range of panel heaters, we offer the Elnur panel heaters that feature two different styles of heater to suit different users. The contract range are a more user friendly, easy to use range with simple to use controls and a more basic look. We find that these are popular in homes for the elderly or vulnerable persons as they combine the best in efficiency, looks and usability for a all round heating solution.

The non contract range are rated as splash proof and can be installed safely into a bathroom. They also carry a impressive 5 year warranty and their accurate thermostats can help reduce your energy costs considerably compared to inferior heaters with less accurate thermostats.

Essentially, there are two types of panel heater from Elnur, units fitted with a thermostat or units fitted with both a timer and thermostat. For the flexibility a timer offers, we would recommend spending the additional £10 or so on a timer model but they are not always a necessity. Thermostat only heaters have been fitted into premises such as hospitals or prisons where someone is always available to manually drop or raise the temperature, whereas for domestic premises, the ability to preheat your home before even getting home is a welcome bonus.

All of the panel heaters are simple to install and sit on a wall (none of the units can be left free standing) and designed to be discreet, simple and smart additions to any premises.

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