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Nobody likes to be knocked off their feet, but if you suffer from poor circulation, arthritis, or other foot pain, that’s exactly what can happen. Your feet are especially susceptible to aches and pains as they support your whole body weight, meaning arthritis, sciatica, and other kinds of pain will be keenly felt. Your feet also act as temperature regulators for your body, so if you have poor circulation, your feet can often feel cold and uncomfortable and heat won’t be distributed around your body properly which can stop you from getting ready for sleep. This is a particular problem during pregnancy when changes in the body can result in swollen feet and ankles.

How Can Foot Warmers Help with Foot Pain?

Foot warmers improve circulation to your feet which relieves any foot pain you might be feeling. However, this also has the side-effect of helping your body regulate its own temperature better, keeping you at a consistently cosy temperature and helping you relax.

A quality foot warmer can improve flexibility in your feet and ankles and provides a mood-boosting heat treatment – just what you need when foot pain has you feeling down.

Unlike other heat treatments for your feet, electric foot warmers put you in control as you can turn them up or down at the flick of a switch. Depending on the cause of your foot pain, you have several foot-warming pain relief options. You can use an all-purpose heat pad to warm the soles of your feet, which is ideal for general wear and tear, heel injuries, and chilblains on your toes. If you’re suffering from swollen ankles or arthritis in your feet, a specialist foot warmer may be a more effective treatment – they’re effectively cosy boots that you slip your feet into, and they warm both your feet and ankles. This is perfect if you’re suffering from swollen ankles in pregnancy or if you have arthritis or sciatica pain in your feet.

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