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Low Noise Hand Dryers

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Low noise hand dryers are specially designed for either users who may be vulnerable and frightened by a traditional powerful noisy hand dryer or for an environment where the noise of the dryer must be contained within the bathroom itself.

Traditional hand dryers can operate at 85 or 90 decibels which can cause surprise and alarm when a user activates the unit. This initial burst of noise can often lead to distress particularly with children, the elderly or people with learning difficulties.

Understanding decibel ratings helps to understand with context, how loud certain hand dryers are:

60 Decibels is half as loud as 70 decibels and is what you would expect from background conversation in a busy restaurant.

Applicable hand dryers include *

58 Decibels: Pro-Dri Gladiator Hand dryers (on the lowest setting)

59 Decibels: U-Nik Automatic Hand Dryer

65 Decibels: Airdri contour hand dryer

70 decibels is the noise from a vacuum cleaner or from a motorway 50 feet from the edge of the road itself:

Applicable hand dryers include *

70 Decibels Airdri Quazar Hand dryers

72 Decibels Xlerator Eco Hand dryer

72 Decibels Airdri Classic+ Mark II

If your premises require noise sensitivity when drying hands, we would recommend not exceeding 75 decibels. With the development of hand dryers, noise levels have been cut along with energy use so more often than not, you combine a low noise with a fast drying time, reducing the amount of time the hand dryer is on per use.

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