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Mediclinics Hand Dryers

The Mediclinics hand dryer range encompasses units that feature the key attributes our customers seek when choosing a model for their commercial premises, in whatever sector they are involved in.

Whether users are searching for a quiet hand dryer for their restaurant that must look look good through to a traditional type of push button hand dryer that can last the test of time whilst being robust, durable and easy to use, a Mediclinics hand dryer will meet your criteria.


The Machflow range available in 4 distinct finishes is one of our leading energy efficient units with 1000 uses of the dryer costing a premises approximately 60p, which is in line with some of the leading brand names available at a higher initial cost.

Costs vs paper hand towels

To give a premises an idea on comparing a Machflow to a box of C fold hand towels, we offer a box of 2400 white C fold hand towels at £16.99 Ex VAT plus delivery. The total cost for one box being £24.98. C fold hand towels are typically grabbed by the bunch due to the way they are presented so as a conservative estimate, we will say each user grabs 2 hand towels at a time when drying their hands.

Using this calculation, the cost per one dry when using C fold hand towels is 2p per dry. The cost per dry, depending upon your tariff, when using the Machflow hand dryer is 0.0006p, 97% cheaper than using hand towels.

Therefore a premises gets 30 hand dries from the Machflow for the same cost as 1 dry using the hand towels.

With a payback time of 131 days based on 100 dries per day, installing this unit is a real energy and money saver for a busy commercial premises.

Intelligent design

The Mediflow intelligent range feature the latest in hand dryer technology where the unit will read the room temperature and therefore select out of 4 levels the airflow temperature to produce when activated. Rather than wastefully using the entire heating element power during the hot summer months, this design allows a premises to be confident that they are saving energy and money and avoiding the needless cost of constantly emitting hot air when it is not required.

Low Noise levels

The key priority for some premises is ensuring hands are dried quietly as to not upset diners in their restaurant with the constant motor of a hand dryer, to avoid disturbing readers in a library who may be studying or to ensure that elderly users, children and vulnerable users aren't frightened and upset by the noise of the dryer.

Unlike some manufacturers and brands of hand dryers, the Mediclinics range, even some of the more traditional hand dryers that are typically powerful and noisy, show a tendency for being quiet and the data shows that very few of the range ever measure more than 72 decibels.

As the majority of the range are what we would classify as a quiet hand dryer, business owners with noise levels as their key priority can be confident that whichever Mediclinics unit they choose, its quiet operation will meet their targets, allowing them to then focus on another key facet of their decision whether that be efficiency, durability or aesthetics.

Protection against vandalism

The entire Mediclinics range are manufactured from steel or stainless steel and then some units including the Speedflow and Saniflow are then plated in a more pleasing on the eye material such as chrome or satin to suit demands for eye catching and more modern designs.

Extended Warranty Periods

Across the entire range HSDonline offer from Mediclinics, the range are all backed with a 3 year warranty as we are entirely confident in the performance, longevity and durability of this range to suit your exact needs whatever your business type.

Should you need any assistance or have any questions or wish to receive a quotation for this range of hand dryers, please feel free to call us on 0800 091 3171 or 01977 552000 or email us directly on for expert hand drying advice.

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