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Pigeon Netting


Pigeon Netting

Control and Prevent a Pigeon infestation with bird netting

Supplied by a leading manufacturer of bird netting, our nets come in a range of sizes, colours and in different kits to suit your needs.

Our netting kits contain the net only, ideal for when you are employing someone to install the net for you, or for when you are replacing like for like and have all the fixings and tools already.

The complete kits contain the net and the fixings themselves, but not the additional tools needed. Again, a professional will have access to these tools.

The DIY professional netting kits contain all fixings and tools needed to successfully fit the net yourself.

Working alongside a leading Bird netting manufacturer, our range of pigeon control nets are suited to any level of pigeon infestation and pressures. These nets are manufactured using polyethylene with a high breaking strain as well as being UV stabilised and chemically inert for true long term protection from pigeons. The nets are rot proof and provide a barrier for roofs, ledges, openings and sills to both stop the pigeons settling and remove any level of infestation already using the space. The mesh has a 50mm area making it perfect to stop pigeons whilst remaining safe and ensuring they come to no physical harm.

Made to Measure:

We offer a range of standard sizes that are our most popular however if you have a particular size requirement from the small to the large, we can provide this for you at the most competitive price online. (Often, the main area to install a net is a standard size such as 10 metres x 10 metre whereas the nearby ledges require a smaller yet more specialised size net to fit and protect from pigeons trying to find a new nesting place)

We also offer a range of colours, again our standard stocked nets are all listed with the black colour for choice (this absorbs the sun light superbly reducing glow and making the netting more discreet) but we can also provide any size net in a stone, translucent and flame free colour.

Pigeon Behaviour

Pigeons (feral) will often nest on ledges of buildings in urban environments and can even breed inside derelict or in use buildings. Populations of pigeons are increasing in the UK's major cities as more food waste makes it easier for them to find food and live, whilst killing pigeons is inhumane and actually leads to a rise in the pigeon population (12 to 30% increase according to the Pigeon control resource centre Pigeons, dependant upon the amount of food available, will breed up to 8 times a year producing two new chicks on every breeding session. As the population surges, preventing a problem by fitting bird netting helps avoid the much harder task of removing a entrenched pigeon problem further down the line.

Installing a pigeon net:

We offer a range of control kits with just the netting available, if you are going to hire someone to install the net for you, through to our professional DIY kits which provide you with everything you need to install the netting on your own property. The professional DIY packs come with all fixings and tools whereas the complete kits just come with all the fixings, making it ideal for professional companies who already have the tools required.

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