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Quinn Slieve Single Panel Vertical Radiators


Quinn Slieve Single Panel Vertical Radiators

Quinn Slieve Vertical Radiators

The Single panel vertical radiators from Quinn offer a variety of units at different widths and heights to suit a variety of needs for our customers. The entire range are manufactured in Britain and add a stunning dimension to any room they are installed in, as well as offering fantastic heating performance. The majority of models are stocked with other more specialised sizes available on a slightly longer lead time.

The vertical Slieve range from QRL radiators offer stunning aesthetics and finishing with a high class heating performance for homes or commercial properties. The metal used in its construction is sourced from the UK and the radiator itself manufactured here in the UK.

The vertical styling, with the radiator growing up the wall rather than along it, helps rooms with high ceilings fill voids in décor and rooms with very little lateral wall space. With the vertical style, these premises do not lose the ability to use wall mounted, fixed radiators whereas without these models, they may have to look at radiators on castors and portable heating that can be unsightly and take up space within a room.

These particular designer radiators will impress any guests and visitors and they are becoming more popular in commercial meeting and board rooms where potential clients can be impressed.

The white radiators are powder coated in white RAL 9019 that delivers the stunningly clean finish to the radiator. Other colour options are available and can be custom made according to your specific needs. Some of the other colour options include silver, red and anthracite.

As well as looking fantastic, the vertical radiators also offer a fast, efficient way of heating your property. They are based around a wet system rather than electric so they will listen to your central heating requirements and ensure these are first met quickly by reaching temperature quickly but also maintained so you remain comfortable at your desired heat level.

The vertical range, like the horizontal range, offers models with three different height ranges to suit different homes. Older properties tend to have higher ceilings whereas newer properties can be more suited to the smaller radiators. The Slieve range are also available in both single and double panel models with double models offering more wattage for the same physical dimensions as the single panel at a slightly more expensive price.

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