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Tick Control | Tick Treatment


Tick Control | Tick Treatment

What are Ticks?

- Ticks typically have 8 legs and can transmit disease from host to host without contracting the disease themselves.

- Tick bites look like mosquito bites but can also sometimes bruise or resemble a bullseye.

- HSD pest control has a range of products to deal with ticks - all available on next day delivery.

Ticks are small blood sucking arthropods related to spiders and mites. There are many different species living in Britain each preferring to feed on the blood of different animal hosts. Some ticks, if given the opportunity, will feed on human blood too.

Within this range of pest control for; animal, cat, dog, lyme disease, ticks treatments. Available products are powders, sprays, collars which will kill ticks for 4 months, shampoo and conditioner. For any advice on our range of products please call our customer sales team who have years of insect and pest control knowledge to help you select the right product for your circumstances on our freephone number.

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