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Why Choose IntelliHeat?

IntelliHeat have been leading the way in energy efficiency for over 15 years, leading the heating industry towards excellence even before the EU passed the Lot 20 leglislation regarding electric heating products.

It is not only the unique, modern features that place Intelligent Heating far above their competitors, but their quality in manufacturing and design.

Manufactured in Italy from the finest materials and comprehensively tested to the highest standards and L1a, L2a and NF 3 star approved that certify the IntelliHeat brand as a consistent, high quality manufacturer.

WHAPP Home Automation System

WHAPP Controlled

The WHAPP Home Automation System allows a user to control their heating, hot water, alarm, gate and lighting from their mobile phone, regardless of their physical location. Just link your smartphone or tablet to your devices and you can remotely control your IntelliHeat radiators and much more from wherever you are in the world.

Patented Thermodynamic Fluid

IntelliHeat Radiators contain unique thermodynamic fluid that expands and heats up within seconds of the heater's activation. When heated, the fluid quickly evaporates to the top of the heater and is swiftly dropped back down to the bottom of the unit and this continues for as long as the heater is switched on. The aluminium surface quickly conducts this heat into the room to ensure heat is felt within 60 seconds as the room starts to reach the desired temperature. The aluminium panel reaches 60°C to prevent burns to users whilst still producing a high level of heat.

Cali Sense wifi electric Radiators Intelli Heat
Intelli heat Cali sense electric radiators

Save Energy All Year Round

Unlike most heaters that constantly produce a continuous amount of energy, IntelliHeat radiators only use the minimum amount of heat that is required. As an example, an IntelliHeat radiator may use 1KW of power for the first 10 degrees, and then 500W and then 300W as it gets closer and closer to your target temperature, reducing your energy expenditure and cost, unlike a regular 1kW heater that will continuously exert 1kW of energy unnecessarily.

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