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WA collection of washroom dispensersashroom Dispensers

A washroom should be a cleanly and calming room for your customers and employees. Hygiene, above everything else, is paramount to ensuring your washroom is meeting all of the UK regulations. In order for your company to pass these regulations, you must offer your customers (at the very least!) toilet paper, soap and a way for them to dry their hands before leaving the washroom. Yet, with the amount of soap, toilet and hand towel dispensers available, it can be hard for you to decide which is best for your own business.

Washrooms are also individual to the business, with them varying in size and style, many models can seem impossible to install in your company’s washroom. Hygiene Supplies Direct offers a vast amount of washroom dispensers, ensuring you can find the perfect design for you. Our wide range of items will accommodate all of your washroom needs – providing you with everything you need, all in one place! All of our dispensers can also be wall-mounted or fitted into a counter, ensuring they do not take up too much valuable space.

Whether you’re wanting a toilet roll dispenser to hold more than one roll or an automatic soap dispenser, we have the best facilities for you! Before choosing your dispensers, it’s important to understand what they will offer to your washroom. Read our buyer’s guide below to find out more about these essential washroom products!

Toa black toilet roll dispenserilet Rolls Dispensers

Definitely, one of the most used dispensers is the toilet roll dispenser. Designed to hold your toilet roll to avoid it being left on the floor (which is extremely unhygienic), some dispensers can also provide users with more than one roll, meaning you’ll have to replace the toilet roll less which is useful for reducing maintenance. prevents customers or employees being left without any – something you definitely want to prevent! Our multi-roll holders are available in several sizes and models, ensuring that they can be installed into any washroom cubicle, whatever the size!

Choosing the wrong toilet roll holder is often overlooked, resulting in businesses buying a poor-quality model that either breaks easily or doesn’t fit into the cubicle properly, which reflects badly on their business.  This leads to a battered and unloved washroom facility, creating a bad environment for anyone using the washroom. For customer-facing businesses, this is definitely something to avoid, as customers will talk about their bad experiences – resulting in potential customers choosing to avoid your brand!

Toilet roll dispensers also provide your customers and employees with a greater level of hygiene. No customer or employee wants to handle toilet roll that has been left on the floor or behind a toilet! Research shows that over 500,000 different types of bacteria can be found on a public washroom floor, which if this is where your toilet roll is kept, these bacteria will contaminate the toilet roll too!  Invest in a toilet roll dispenser today to improve the cleanliness and overall look of your washroom – ensuring customers will want to return after their last visit!

Soa green soap dispenserap Dispensers

Soap dispensers are also an extremely important feature within washrooms. They provide users with soap which allows users to wash their hands thoroughly, without worrying that any germs will be passed on. With research showing we carry over 3,000 different bacteria on our hands, washing them regularly is a great way to reduce illness from spreading around the workplace.

Despite this, the number of washrooms that only supply a bar of soap is horrendous! Soap in bar form collects bacteria from the last user, letting it linger on its surface before the next user touches it. We’ve all seen bars of soap covered in dust and hair – making you want to miss this step altogether! Therefore, a liquid soap dispenser is needed to prevent an unsightly bar of soap forming in your washroom!

Even worse than bars of soap, is no soap at all. If a soap dispenser has been fitted poorly or gets easily damaged, this can prevent customers from gaining access to soap. Therefore, it is vital that you pick the right dispenser for your business. Picking a durable, well-designed model will prevent users from not being able to use soap, which often leads to people not wanting to return.

For places such as gyms, hotels or care homes, shower gel dispensers are also essential to keep your customers happy and catered for. Shower gel dispensers can be fitted into shower cubicles to provide easy access, without having to leave bars of soap (definitely not something customers want to share!) or shower gel bottles in the cubicle that often get filled with water. Our shower gel dispensers provide an easy and clean way for customers to wash before leaving your facility – making them much more likely to return due to them not having to bring their own!      

PaWhite paper towel dispenserper Towel Dispensers

After washing your hands, you want to be able to dry them before leaving the washroom. Customers do not want to resort to wiping their wet hands all over their clothes (or pulling toilet roll out of the cubicle!) in order to have clean and dry hands. However, this is arguably one of the biggest problems in UK washrooms as electric hand dryers are often left broken, or paper towel dispensers are not installed.

Paper towel dispensers offer an easy way for customers to dry their hands, without having to worry about any extra heating or electricity bills. Just as hygienic as electric hand dryers, paper towel dispensers are perfect for larger washrooms, where more people are using the facilities. They prevent long queues waiting to use electric hand dryers, as well as also being more economically friendly (as long as you recycle the used hand towels)! They also allow less noise to be made than electric hand dryers, which is perfect for schools, libraries or kitchens where noise disruption can be a real nuisance!

Hand towel dispensers also result in cleaner washrooms. Without users dripping their wet hands onto the floor (therefore making wet puddles in the washroom) muddy shoes are less likely to leave marks - as well as preventing accidents from happening due to the wet surface being slippery.

Staistainless steel soap dispensernless Steel Dispensers

For public washrooms (such as train station and bus station washrooms) we recommend browsing our stainless-steel models. Due to these areas being prone to vandalism, these stainless-steel models are much more durable and will ensure your washroom is kept clean and tidy looking.

Stainless steel is also extremely easy to clean and with most public washrooms being checked several times daily to ensure their facilities are adequate – this will make yours, or your cleaner’s jobs much easier. Simply wipe down the appliance to reveal a good as new dispenser!

With all of this new information, you may have a few questions! Which toilet roll dispenser will be best for your company? Should you opt for a manual or pump soap dispenser? Or, which material should you buy your new dispensers in? Luckily, Hygiene Supplies Direct offers the best washroom dispensers online! Browse our extensive collection of products to find out which dispensers will immediately transform your washroom!

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