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Oil Filled Radiators

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Oil-filled Radiators – Why Do I Need One?

Oil-filled radiators are a great, cost-efficient way to heat up any room. Due to their compact size, these heaters are portable, making it extremely easy to take wherever you desire extra warmth! Hygiene Supplies Direct offer a wide range of models and features, providing the perfect oil-filled radiator for you – keeping you warm all year long!

What Are Oil-filled Radiators?

Oil-filled heaters are compact radiators that can be moved from room to room. Filled with an oil that can retain heat extremely well, they are fitted with a thermostat that maintains your chosen temperature.  Due to oil taking longer to cool down, you can even turn off the heater once the optimum temperature has been reached and they will still generate heat. This allows your home, caravan, garage or office to remain warm, without having to cost a single penny! We offer oil-filled heaters that range from 500w to 2.5kw, allowing you to pick the correct size heater that you require.

Flexibility – Where Can They Be Used?

Oil-filled heaters can be used in most rooms, provided you use the right size and power. Perfectly designed for smaller spaces (offices, garages or caravans) they provide a moveable heat source that will turn any cold and uninviting room into a warm and cosy environment!

Which Size Oil-filled Heater should I Buy?

Our heaters range from 500w to 2.5 kW. Depending on the type of room you wish to heat – we have the perfect size to suit your needs! Our lower wattage (and more affordable) heaters are perfect for garages and caravans, where the area of space you are want to heat up is limited. The heater will still warm the room, without wasting unneeded energy on a larger model in a small room.

For larger rooms such as offices or bedrooms, we recommend our higher wattage heaters. Designed to heat larger rooms, these heaters will transform the coldest of large rooms into warm and comfortable places to relax or work. All sizes will maintain the temperature (due to the thermostat) for a certain amount of time after being powered off, before slowly cooling down. Therefore, larger rooms require more energy and a larger heater to keep the room warm for as long as possible. We recommend 100w for every 1 square metre in a room in order to maintain warmth in your chosen space.

Should I Buy a Model with a Thermostat?

AWall mounted oil filled radiatorll of our oil-filled heaters include a thermostat on the side of the radiator. This allows you to accurately choose the temperature that you desire, giving you the choice between warm or very hot (perfect for those cold winter mornings)!  Thermostats also allow you to change the temperature multiple times during one day. For instance, you may wish to have the heater on a higher temperature during mornings and nights, whilst having a cooler temperature during the day. Due to all of our heaters being fitted with either an electric thermostat or a mechanical one, you can ensure to receive this excellent feature whichever model you choose to buy.

Should I Buy a Model with a Timer?

A timer provides you with the convenience (and peace of mind) that you can set the heater to be turned on and off at different times during the day. For example, you may set the heater to turn on an hour before you wake up to make the room warm and then turn off 2 hours later. This is also extremely important for safety reasons. If you ever go out and have forgotten to turn the heater off, you can be reassured that it will turn itself off at the desired time you set – which is definitely a huge weight from your shoulders!

Digital Radiators – What Difference Do They Make?

Digital radiators are much more precise at setting temperature than mechanical models. Due to you being able to enter the exact temperature you desire; the radiator will reach this temperature and turn off.  Mechanical radiators are also efficient, yet are unable to be as precise. Therefore, we recommend digital for offices, workplaces and homes (anywhere you spend a lengthy amount of time) and mechanical for garages and caravans.

Wall-Fitted Heaters

Due to the new ERP Lot 20 legislation, any wall-mounted heater has to meet a minimum standard of energy efficiency. ERP compliant heaters will actually save you money over time, due to them being much more energy efficient than other models. Therefore, we recommend opting for one of our panel radiators, as these can be fixed to a wall without any safety hazards and are ERP compliant. These offer no difference in performance, allowing you to heat up your room safely and efficiently, with a discrete and thinner model that is easily fitted to a wall.

Hygiene Supplies Direct offer a wide range of oil-filled radiators. Make any cold room inviting and warm, by choosing a model that’s right for you and your space. Browse our extensive range here and find your perfect model today.

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