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Washroom Soap Supplies

In order to meet the UK hygiene regulations, you must provide your customers with soap and a soap dispenser. Hygiene Supplies Direct offers an excellent range of soaps and dispensers - giving your customers the best possible facilities to keep them and your washroom as hygienic as possible!

Soap Supplies – Category Description

A liquid soap dispensers with towelsEvery day, people are becoming more hygiene conscious. With hygiene regulations being paramount to businesses, it is extremely important that they all provide efficient washroom facilities to their customers. This includes soap being available within the washroom facility, as it is vital that they can wash their hands before leaving the washroom. Although this may sound trivial, hand soap prevents germs and bacteria spreading, which can cause disease and illness. With it being estimated that a whopping 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted through touch, now is the perfect time to invest in a high-quality soap, to ensure that the spread of germs is kept to a minimum!

Soap is made up of different molecules that trap the dirt and bacteria on your hands, allowing you to rinse them all away! This leaves your hands bacteria and germ-free, decreasing your chances of catching or spreading diseases. Did you know that scientists recommend that we clean our hands for the same amount of time it takes to sing one verse of ‘Happy Birthday’? This ensures that your hands will be adequately cleaned, giving you enough time to scrub away every germ that may be lingering on your skin!

It is estimated that only 67% of us wash our hands after going to the toilet, which when considering how many germs our hands carry, is extremely concerning! However, ensuring you always have a supply of soap available is the best way to encourage customers to wash their hands, resulting in a much cleaner space!

Soap Dispensers

To allow soap to be used and stored easily, a soap dispenser is great for commercial washrooms. Whether you desire an automatic, a manual, an ABS plastic or a stainless-steel soap dispenser – we have the perfect one for you! Soap dispensers are an ideal way to ensure soap is always available within your workplace, which for busy businesses, is exactly what you need.

Unlike liquid soap, bars of soap can actually become very unhygienic! Bacteria, dead skin cells and hairs cling to it, making the top layer of the soap very unsanitary. When used in washrooms, the germs are passed from customer to customer, spreading and collecting more germs every time a new person touches it! To prevent this from happening, use a soap dispenser with liquid soap refills to protect your customers from unnecessary germs.

Soap dispensers are also easy to maintain, by simply refilling or changing the soap cartridge as often as required. By preventing a lack of soap, customers will be much more likely to return to your company, as they have received adequate supplies!

Bulk Fill

A bulk fill pack of perfumed soapTo ensure you always have a large and ready to be used supply of liquid soap – why not buy it in bulk? Not only does this save you money, but it also gives you peace of mind that your soap supply will not run out quickly – preventing you or your customers from going without!

Our bulk buy range features both scented and unscented soap, as well as many being completely anti-bacterial. This allows you to pick the fragrance that you like best, as well as providing your customers with the best soap to remove germs, before leaving your washroom!

Cartridge Refills

Some of our soap dispensers require cartridge refills that are specially designed to fit the model of that soap dispenser. This is ideal for commercial use, as once the soap dispenser is fitted, you’ll only be wanting to buy the best cartridges and soap for that model!

Our cartridge refills range from holding 650ml – 1000ml, allowing you to choose the best size for you! This is perfect for large washrooms with a high traffic of people, as the larger cartridges will prevent you from having to constantly refill the dispenser.

Hand Pump Soaps

For household use, we offer a bulk-buy selection of hand pump soaps. These all vary in scents and colours, allowing you to find the perfect one for you! This ensures you can provide your family and guests with the most luxurious scented soap, that will both remove the bacteria from their hands, and make them smell beautiful!

Buying in bulk saves you time and money! The multi-pack offer provides you with excellent value for money, whilst ensuring you always have a supply of hand soap ready for when you run out! All of our fragrances can be bought in packs of six, allowing you to stock up, ready for the future!

Hand Sanitizers

A white liquid soap dispemserAlthough it has been argued that hand sanitizer cannot replace soap in terms of its ability to fully remove germs, it is extremely useful for hospitals and clinical settings. With new patients and visitors being brought in and out of hospital all day and night, many germs and diseases can be brought onto the wards. To prevent this from happening, hospitals have now installed hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrances and exits of wards to encourage visitors, members of staff and patients to sanitize their hands.

Our sanitizing gels and dispensers are both of high quality. They allow you, members of staff, or guests to clean their hands where a wash basin may not be present. Hand sanitizer is also ideal to use during a busy working day – allowing you to quickly clean your hands from bacteria or dirt, without having to venture into a washroom that may take you away from your job.

Hygiene Supplies Direct - Soap Supplies

Hand soap is extremely important. Having the correct hand soap and dispenser will give your home, workplace, or company one of the most important features to keep your hands as hygienic as possible. This allows you to meet all of the UK hygiene regulations for your business, and ensures customers will want to return!

Explore our extensive range of hand soaps, hand sanitizers and dispensers now and find the perfect one for you, for the best price online!

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