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Commercial Air Fresheners & Refills

Browse one of Europe's largest ranges of aerosol and non-aerosol air freshener dispensers and refills. Keep your business feeling fresh and smelling great with these super-effective, premium quality air fresheners.

Pro-Washroom air freshener Commercial Air Fresheners

Commercial air fresheners are simply essential for any business. They’ll immediately make your workplace feel brighter, fresher, and more welcoming to staff and customers alike. Our massive range of air fresheners and dispensers includes something to cater to every taste, but if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, you’ll want to read our buyer’s guide below. We’ll walk you through the difference between aerosol and non-aerosol air fresheners and help you make the right choice.

Why Do You Need an Air Freshener at Work?

The way your business smells is every bit as important as the way it looks. However, it’s a detail that many brands overlook. Air fresheners are commonly thought of as a way to mask foul odours, and while this is true, they can be used for so much more than that! A scent can trigger memories and affect your emotions positively or negatively. As a business, you can harness this to make your staff and customers feel happier and more comfortable! On average, customers will stay up to 44% longer in a business that smells good, and they’ll also feel around 40% happier. If your customers are spending more time in your business, and they feel happier while they’re with you, you’ll soon reap the rewards!

Why Smell is So Important to Your Business

man smelling herbs in the kitchenCompanies tend to focus so much on the visual appeal of their brand while overlooking the way it smells. If you want to create a bright and vibrant office, don’t just paint the walls and decorate it – complement your décor with a refreshing citrus scent to ensure your staff are kept comfortable and happy. If you’re a customer-facing business, you can go one step further and use air fresheners as a way to reinforce your brand – vintage shops might want to use a natural sandalwood scent, while sweet shops can use candy or honey fragrances to entice their customers. This is especially important if you run a restaurant or café, as studies have shown that nice smells make food taste better!

On the other side of the coin, foul odours can completely ruin the trust your staff and customers have in your brand. This is especially important in washrooms, where stale smells can build up quickly even if you have a regular cleaning schedule. Air fresheners mask these bad smells, keeping your washroom fresh between cleaning sessions.

Which Air Freshener is Best for You?

Commercial air fresheners fit into two categories – aerosol and non-aerosol. Both these types need their own dispensers to spread their fragrance through a room, but they work in very different ways.

Aerosol Air Fresheners

Commercial air freshenerAerosol air fresheners are the most common. They come in cans and use a perfumed spray which disperses around a room to provide a long-lasting fragrance. As they need to be regularly sprayed, they need automatic dispensers to spray the air freshener at regular intervals. This means you need to find the right combination of an eco-friendly aerosol spray as well as a reliable dispenser to get the most out of them.

A quality air freshener dispenser will allow you to choose how often it sprays. This gives you more flexibility and reduces waste. Most aerosol dispensers come with a few timer settings, so models with more different settings give you more flexibility. Others can be programmed according to your schedule – for example, you can program your dispenser to only spray during office hours. This can dramatically reduce waste as your dispenser won’t be used when there’s nobody around to appreciate it.

Another factor to consider when buying your dispensers is the material they’re made of. For most businesses, a simple plastic dispenser will be more than enough. However, public-facing businesses (such as public toilets) may want a dispenser that’s a bit tougher and vandal-proof. If that’s the case, our range includes some durable stainless steel models which will give you a little more peace of mind.


Not all cans of aerosol are the same. There are a few things for you to look out for when shopping around for a can to fill your dispenser.


It’s important to choose the right fragrance for your business. Pick an appropriate scent that complements your brand.

Fragrance Content

This lets you know how much perfume is in the air freshener. Higher fragrance contents produce a stronger-smelling and longer-lasting effect.

Can Size

There are three main can sizes to look out for; 100ml, 160ml, or 270ml. Unless you have a dispenser that can take several different sizes, you’ll need to pick a can that fits in your dispenser properly.

Quality of the Actuator

The actuator is the thing on top of the can that makes it spray. Air freshener dispensers work by pressing down on the actuator, which sprays the fragrance out into the room. If the actuator is cheaply-made, it can end up breaking, meaning the dispenser won’t work at all. This often means the whole can goes to waste, so you should always check that the actuator is up to scratch on any can of air freshener.

Non-Aerosol Air Fresheners

Misting dome non aerosol air freshener dispenserAerosol air fresheners are now much safer than they were in the past, but there are still some cases where you might not want to use them. They’re perfect for use in baby changing facilities, care homes, and kitchens where you don’t want to constantly spray aerosols around. As they don’t use propellant gas to disperse their fragrances around a room, non-aerosol air fresheners are eco-friendlier, but their fragrances are usually not as strong as their aerosol counterparts.

There is a massive variety of non-aerosol air fresheners to choose from. We’ll break down a few of the more popular choices here.


Sachet air fresheners use a bag of strongly-fragranced material to circulate a powerful scent around a room. Usually, this scent is carried around an area by the room’s natural airflow with no batteries or power supply needed, making them more suitable for smaller rooms. It’s a good idea to place them near doors or windows so the air freshener can spread more efficiently.

Solid Air Fresheners

As the name suggests, these air fresheners use solid, fragranced blocks to fragrance a room. These fragrances can be carried around the room by air currents or – in some cases – by a small fan inside the dispenser. They’re ideal for smaller office spaces and bedrooms.

Misters and Diffusers

These units use a liquid which is released into the air as a vapour for a calming, aromatherapy-style effect. They operate incredibly quietly, so they’re good for quiet environments where the loud hissing of an aerosol isn’t welcome.

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