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Washroom Wastebins

A washroom waste bin is a sure way to keep your business or public washroom looking clean and tidy! Designed to hold paper towels, toilet roll, sanitary products and much more, our washroom waste bins will provide your customers with the perfect place to dispose of waste, keeping the space litter-free!

Washroom Waste Bins

Outlined in the UK Hygiene Regulations, a waste bin is essential for all public washrooms. It provides a clean, safe and convenient way to dispose of nappies, sanitary products, paper towels and other waste products. Therefore, it’s in your own interest, as well as your customers’, to provide an efficient waste bin to avoid unhygienic waste being left on the washroom floor. To keep your washrooms looking hygienic, browse our extensive range of washroom waste bins to provide your customers or employees with the high-quality facilities they deserve!

Plastic vs Stainless-steel Waste Bins

Stainless-steel, closed top binHygiene Supplies Direct offers both stainless-steel and plastic waste bins. No matter what size or style your washroom is, we have the perfect one to suit your needs!

For washrooms that facilitate a small number of users, our plastic waste bins are perfect. They are definitely a more affordable option and provide excellent value for money. Our plastic waste bins are also easily cleaned and emptied, due to their lightweight designs. Simply wipe the bins down, and easily lift the bin to empty the contents.

On the other hand, our stainless-steel waste bins are suited to larger washrooms - particularly public ones! Perfect for bus and train stations, our stainless-steel waste bins are extremely durable and our help to prevent theft and vandalism ideal for washrooms with a high footfall.  With a brushed finish, they look both professional and stylish, giving the added bonus of a luxurious-looking

Freestanding vs Wall-mounted

Although a waste bin is an essential item – it can take up that well-needed floor space! If your washroom is quite small, we recommend opting for one of our wall-mounted waste bins. Easily fitted to any wall, they won’t take up any of that vital floor space – providing your washroom users with an easy way to dispose of waste, without jeopardising the limited room they have to move!

Our freestanding waste bins are equally useful. For larger washrooms that would accommodate a waste bin taking up floor space, freestanding bins are perfect for disposing of nappies and sanitary waste! With nappies being classed as toxic waste, they must be stored in a waste bin that includes a chute and a lining that will help to prevent any bad odours. We offer specially designed nappy bins to ensure your customers will receive the best possible service, whilst also preventing any foul odours.

Sanitary waste can be disposed of in any waste bin you choose. However, we highly recommend opting for a bin that includes a lid and a chute, as this will prevent any foul odours being deposited into your washroom – which may cause customers to avoid using your facilities.

Open Top Waste Bins vs Closed Top Waste Bins

Nappy bin with a closed topFor nappy and sanitary bins, you definitely want to buy a closed top waste bin! They keep the waste securely inside the bin, whilst also preventing any odour spreading. These should be kept near the baby changing facilities, as well as inside female toilets so that sanitary waste can be disposed of easily. Closed top waste bins also ensure no mess is put onto the floor when the bin is full, which may happen with an open bin when it starts to become too full, forcing waste products to overflow onto the surrounding floor. Closed top bins also help to keep large washrooms neat and tidy, whilst keeping bad odours to a minimum!

Pedal Operated

To further improve your washroom’s hygiene, why not opt for a waste bin that is pedal operated? These waste bins mean that your customers don’t even have to touch the bin in order to use them, which many of us find unpleasant to do! Perfect for nappy and sanitary waste, they keep both your washroom and the user clean and tidy!

Coloured Waste Bins

A bright green waste bin for washroomsIf you want to brighten up your washroom, why not consider injecting some colour by purchasing one of our coloured waste bins? Available in a wide range of colours (brown, orange, green, light blue and white), you can make sure your washroom looks bright and inviting to your customers or employees! Our coloured waste bins have a matching range of appliances, creating the perfectly colour-coordinated space, guaranteed to make the user’s experience less mundane!

Make sure your washroom has the best facilities possible by providing your customers with one of our high-quality waste bins. Browse our huge selection today and keep your washroom looking clean and tidy all day long!

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