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A paper towel dispenser in a public washroom

Paper Towel Dispensers

As an alternative, or in addition to electric hand dryers, paper towel dispensers offer the perfect low-cost solution for your customers or staff to dry their hands. Easily restocked and fitted to any wall, they provide a vital addition for any washroom, leaving users happy and content with the facilities provided. Hygiene Supplies Direct offer a wide range of paper towel dispensers – allowing your company to find the perfect one for them!

MaterialA clear plastic paper towel dispenser

Our paper towel dispensers come in two different materials (plastic and stainless steel), ensuring that they seamlessly fit into your washroom, regardless of its existing colour scheme!

Plastic dispensers are cheaper and extremely easy to clean. Here at Hygiene Supplies Direct, we offer a wide variety of colours (green, orange, blue, white and black) in our plastic models. With this wide variety of options, you can ensure that your dispenser will add extra colour, or simply fit into the area seamlessly – complementing your existing colour scheme! Plastic dispensers are perfect for small companies or gyms, as they are easily wiped clean and will not be at a high risk to be vandalised.

Our stainless-steel collection of dispensers offers a lot more durability and longevity. Perfect for public washrooms (such as train and bus stations), these dispensers are also easy to clean, less likely to show damage and are much more difficult to vandalise. We also offer silver, white and black stainless-steel options, making sure your washroom is able to offer a designer look - without risking any damage being done to your dispenser!

Auto Cut vs Automatic

Auto cut models rely on the customers to either tear their own paper towels at their desired length or to rip single sheets from an already folded roll of paper towel. This allows the user to decide how much paper they need, which often results in the paper lasting longer. They are also cheaper than automatic models, which are ideal in washrooms where there is a higher risk that damage may be done. We recommend using auto cut models in public washrooms, schools or gyms, as they have a high quantity of people wishing to use the bathroom facilities. This ensures a queue does not form waiting for the automatic models to dispense towels, as users can simply rip the product and move out of the way – making room for the next user!

Automatic towel dispensers are extremely useful for medical staff. Due to their freshly washed hands not having to touch the dispenser, they can ensure their hands are dried without touching any bacteria – making them the most hygienic type of dispenser on the market!

Z Fold vs C FoldAn orange paper dispenser

If you decide that an auto cut model is the best for you, your next decision is whether you would like to invest in a Z fold or a C fold model. Ultimately, a Z fold only allows one individual sheet to be released at a time, whereas a C fold model allows the user to tear the paper where they wish. As a result,  Z models can be much more cost effective, as they often result in customers using fewer paper towels. This makes them perfect for shopping centres, service stations and customer-facing businesses. However, in places of work such as a doctor’s surgery, hospital or dentist, C models allow professionals to dry their hands thoroughly, using as much paper as they need, as quickly as possible.

Variety of Sizes – Which One Should You Buy?

We offer an extensive range of paper towel dispensers here at Hygiene Supplies Direct, which means no matter what size your washroom is, or your budget – we have the perfect model for you!

For smaller washrooms or smaller businesses, our mini models will be the perfect addition to your washroom. Smaller in size, but still extremely durable and easy to use, these models will take up less space in your communal washroom, meaning that no space is wasted These compact models also come in both stainless steel and ABS plastic, so you can find the perfect look to fit in with your current facilities. Due to its smaller size, these models will need refilling more regularly. However, if your company doesn’t have many employees, this affordable option will be the perfect edition to your company’s washroom.

Larger washrooms, bigger businesses or public washrooms would benefit more from a jumbo model. With them being able to hold much more paper towels, these will allow more customers and members of the public to use the facility, without constantly having to restock the paper towels. This will avoid your washroom running out of essential supplies, resulting in customers not being unable to dry their hands and ultimately, making complaints.

Whichever model you think will best suit you and your business, take a look at our extensive range of paper towel dispensers here. Avoid complaints from unsatisfied companies by providing them with the correct facilities to be as hygienic as possible - whilst also being environmentally friendly!

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