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Tea Urns

Tea urns are the perfect addition to any busy workplace. Avoid those long queues to the kettle by ensuring a hot water supply is constantly available - providing tea and coffee to your customers or employees all day long!

Tea Urns

A tea cup and a book in a coffee shopCatering Tea urns are the perfect addition to any office, staff room or catering event, as they prevent those dreaded queues of people waiting to use the kettle, helping to improve efficiency (and staff morale)! Our most popular brands, MYLEK, Swan, and Burco are outstanding and have all of the features you need to keep your customers and employees happy. These hot water boilers are extremely useful for large groups of people, as it prevents wasting time waiting around for the kettle to boil repeatedly. They keep your water hot all day, allowing tea and coffee to be made as frequently as desired – which will keep your customers and employees happy! Here at Hygiene Supplies Direct, we offer a large range of catering urns, allowing you to find the perfect one to suit your business today!

Auto Fill vs Manual Fill

With a choice of both auto fill and manual fill catering urns, we cater to every type of business. Autofill models are plugged into the wall and connected to your water supply ensuring that the tank is constantly full, without having to worry about filling it up after it has been used several times. A perfect feature for large businesses or catering companies - as there will be more people using the machine! Put your mind at ease knowing your customers or employees will always have access to hot water. In addition to this, to avoid limescale, some of our Burco models have a built-in filtration system, which effectively filters water in any areas with hard water.

For smaller businesses, our manual fill catering urns are perfect! As fewer people will be using the catering urn, the chances of it frequently being empty will be extremely low so you don’t have to worry about constant refills. These models are much more affordable, which makes them the perfect addition to book groups, churches, and other small gatherings where there are fewer people and the budget is limited.

Both models can either be mounted onto a wall as a more permanent fixture or sit on top of surfaces, making them ideal for all types of businesses and events.

Digital and Mulled Wine Catering Urns

A digital catering urn for mulled wineDigital catering urns do exactly what they say on the tin! You set the temperature that you want the water (or other liquid) to reach digitally, and the urn will reach and then maintain that temperature. Due to these urns being so precise, you are able to set them on a lower setting and slowly simmer mulled wine or any other liquid that shouldn’t be boiled. Due to its ability to maintain a lower temperature, you can be assured that any spices you put into the urn will not burn and that it will slowly heat up the liquid and spices, resulting in a perfectly blended mulled wine. Hygiene Supplies Direct offer urns specially designed to heat mulled wine, click here to find out more.

Size - Which is the Right Size for Your Business?

Whether you’re catering for a small group of people, right up to an office full of hundreds of people, we offer the appropriate size of urn that will best suit you. Our hot water boilers range from filling 50 cups, right the way up to 200 cups! Select the water boiler that’s best suited to your employees’ needs and save time and energy filling up kettles every hour!

Gas Urns

Burco supply gas powered catering urns, that allow you to have access to boiled water wherever you are! These urns are perfect for catering vans, caravans or any other business that is run from a van. Simply hook the urn up to a gas source and the urn will run perfectly, producing boiled water all day!

Health and Safety

Boiling water is a safety hazard at all times. It can cause serious accidents if not stored and handled properly. That’s why all of our catering urns are fitted with easy to use taps, which releases as much water as you need, safely. And most models come with a drip-proof tap, which prevents you from burning your skin when you pick up your hot drink (as well as saving the water)!

Whether you’re looking to improve efficiency and reduce the mess in your catering van or are looking to enhance productivity in your business, you’ll find the right catering urn here to provide your employees and customers with a constant supply of boiled water for all of their tea and coffee needs.

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