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Air Curtains & Over Door Heaters

Air curtains and over door heaters are an excellent way to provide warmth into your business space. Perfect for retail industries, office spaces and even your home, they provide both cold and warm air to make you and your customers more comfortable, whatever the weather.

Air Curtains and Overdoor Heaters

An over door heater installed in a shopAir curtains and overdoor heaters are essential for companies that want to provide their customers with a warm welcome during the colder months. They provide a stream of warm air into the room, which heats up the surrounding area – making a cosy environment for customers to walk into! Whether you’re looking to install an over door heater in a shop, waiting area, office, café or even a restaurant, it’s quite obvious that air curtains can help all kinds of businesses attract new customers and enhance their experience contributing towards a great first impression! We also have a lot of customers who use over door heaters in their home, especially in conservatories, to take the chill away and keep their families warm all year round.

Installing An Air Curtain

Air curtains are typically fitted above doorways, however, certain models can be fitted into ceilings. They don’t take up much room at all as they often take up wasted space where nothing else would fit – making them both useful and discreet! They blow out warm (or cold) air into the chosen room, which is felt as soon as a new customer enters. When the weather is cold outside or raining, the customer will instantly feel invited, making their experience extremely pleasant and may result in them wanting to stay longer!

Thanks to our extensive range of air curtains to choose from, you can pick the perfect model to suit you no matter what size wall space or heat output you require. All sizes can easily be installed above doors or in ceilings (depending on the product).

Over Door Heaters with Multiple Heat Settings

Most of our air curtains are fitted with two or more settings, providing you with the option to change the temperature of your air curtain as and when you need to. For example, higher temperatures are perfect for cold days, whereas a lighter warm breeze will be perfect for showery, milder spells. In addition, one of the biggest benefits for many of our air curtains is that they double up as a fan in the summer! This prevents your air curtain from gathering dust during those warm months, as they will provide comfort by dispensing colder air during those unbearably hot days!

Why Should I Purchase an Over Door Heater?

An over door heaterOur extensive range of air curtains come with a number of useful features to help make life a little bit easier! Some of the models we stock come with a fitted thermostat, allowing you to choose your desired temperature with ease without risking the air being too hot or cold for potential customers! We highly recommend using these models for larger companies that have heavier traffic of people entering the store, as this can hugely impact the temperature in a room! When the room is full of people, the temperature will be prone to increase, whereas emptier rooms will be much cooler. Thermostats will allow you to easily change the temperature throughout the day – perfect for your bigger business needs!

Many of our models can also be controlled via remote control. With the positioning of an air curtain often being hard to reach (above a doorway or in a ceiling), a remote control is a great, convenient feature that allows you to easily turn the machine on and off and change the temperature without any hassle at all – no need to climb chairs or ladders to adjust your settings!

Timers are another handy feature to have. Over door heaters with built-in timers allow you to determine when you want the warm or cold air to start blowing out, as well as when you’d like it to switch off. This  helps to save energy by only having the over door heater on when the space is occupied, especially for those of us who might forget to switch it off at closing time! It helps to ensure your customers will be kept warm without having to worry about forgetting to switch it on or off!

All of our models come with fixtures and brackets included. These allow your chosen model to be fitted into the walls or ceiling easily and safely, ensuring it’s fitted without risk of it breaking or coming loose. This will provide you and your customers with a safe and efficient way to stay cosy, without taking up room with big, bulky heaters on the floor.

MYLEK Over Door Heaters

MYLEK digital air curtainFor businesses that simply want a feature-packed over door heater at the lowest price, we recommend browsing the MYLEK range. These over door heaters come with all of the key and important features listed above (digital thermostat, multiple heat settings, timer, and remote control). The thermostat is extremely accurate, allowing you to change and set the temperature down to the exact degree! They’re also very sleek and stylish, perfect for those who care about aesthetics and want to give a great impression to their customers and. They will fit into your work-space seamlessly. Possibly the most impressive feature, the ‘open-door feature’, detects when there is a sudden drop in temperature and will automatically cut off. This is perfect for businesses that often have a fluctuation in temperature, (for example, if someone opens the door and doesn’t shut it behind them) because it means that no energy is wasted running the air curtain when it’s going to be wasted / not required. This feature can be turned off for those who aren’t bothered by this and prefer to keep the over door heaters running permanently. All MYLEK over door heaters are easy to install with simple, English instructions, are highend-looking (without an expensive price tag!) and also extremely easy to keep clean!

Over Door Heaters for Small Spaces

For smaller spaces such as garages, outhouses or conservatories, we recommend over door heaters as opposed to air curtains. They’re smaller in size but keep your space warm or cold during the winter and summer months just as well as large air curtains. We all know that conservatories and garages can get extremely cold in winter, making an over door heater the perfect investment to keep yourself warm and comfortable all year round!

Browse our extensive collection over door heaters and air curtains with next day delivery today and transform your business into a more welcoming and comfortable space for your customers!

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