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Lot 20 Electric Panel Heaters

Any heater with this logo is certified EcoDesign Lot 20 compliant. That means it's guaranteed to give you an efficient, energy-saving performance by law! Browse our range of eco-friendly, affordable electric heaters and find how easy it is being green.

New Heating Regulations that Could Save You Money

The climate emergency is getting more serious every year, and we all have a responsibility to try and cut down the amount of energy we waste. That’s the thinking behind EcoDesign Lot 20, the new European heating laws made to help reduce our energy consumption by 20% before the end of 2020.

What is Lot 20?

Lot 20  eco friendly lawsLot 20 is part of the EU’s wider EcoDesign Directive. This Directive covers every electrical appliance, from phone chargers to TVs to electric heaters. As you might imagine, it’s very big and complex, so it’s been divided up in sections – called Lots – to make it a bit easier to understand. Lot 20 is the bit that covers electric heating.

What Does It Mean to be Lot 20 Compliant?

To pass Lot 20 laws, a heater must have a certain number of energy-saving features. These features could include an accurate thermostat, a timer, a remote control, a smart Wi-Fi app, an open window detection system, and more.

Lot 20 is worked out using a scoring system. Each eco-friendly feature is worth a certain number of points, and if a heater scores high enough, it’s considered Lot 20 compliant. For most heaters, the target score is 38. For a more detailed breakdown of what each energy-saving feature is, how many points they score, and more, check out this Lot 20 calculator on the Lot 20 Panel Heaters website.

What Does All This Mean for Me?

The main benefit of Lot 20 panel heaters is that they’re really cheap to run. This is good for your energy bills and good for the planet, as they waste much less energy than an old electric heater or an outdated central heating system. Lot 20 should mean lower heating bills, so an eco-friendly heater will pay for itself in energy savings over the course of a year.

Is My Old Heater Compliant?

Heaters manufactured before 1st January 2018 are exempted from Lot 20 rules. In addition, retailers may still sell old stock that was manufactured before this date. However, it’s probably a good idea to pick up a newer model Lot 20 heaters guarantee you an energy-saving performance by law, so they’ll help reduce your heating bills.

Lot 20 for Landlords

Electric heaters are a great way for landlords to affordably improve their properties. This is important, as MEES (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards) laws for landlords are tightening up on 1st April 2020. Installing an electric heater is especially useful in flats and old houses where central heating and boiler work isn’t practical to carry out. Electric heaters don’t need to connect up to boiler systems, just fit them to the wall, plug them in, and it’s job done.

Click the “request a quote” button on a product listing and enter the required quantity to build a quote that works for you. One of our quote managers will reply with a bespoke price within one working day.

Benefits of Lot 20 Compliant Heaters

Lot 20 compliant smart panel heaterIf you have an old panel heater or an inefficient central heating system, it’s definitely worth upgrading with a modern model. Here are a few reasons why

Affordable to Run

As they use much less energy than older, non-compliant heaters, Lot 20 heaters don’t cost much to run. This will help take a bit of pressure off through the winter months.

Easy to Install

Upgrading your central heating is a long and expensive process. Compared to this, an electric panel heater is incredibly easy to install. Just screw it to the wall and plug it in – there’s no need to call out an electrician unless you want to hard-wire it into your mains.


Many electric heaters give you the option of wall-mounting them or leaving them as free-standing units. Standing heaters can be moved around, so they’re good if you want to use one across multiple rooms of your home. They’re also ideal for use in sheds and caravans.

Simple to Use

As Lot 20 heaters use the latest user-friendly technology, they couldn’t be easier to use. Most use digital thermostats and timers, so you can program them at the push of a button.

Replace or Complement Central Heating

While you can use a set of electric panel heaters to replace your existing central heating system, you don’t have to. You can pick up one or two heaters and use them to complement your central heating. They’ll make it easier for your heating system’s thermostat to reach its target temperature, so you’ll use less gas, oil, or electricity.

Smart Heaters

If a heater has a remote control option, it’s considered more efficient as it’s easier to control. You’re more likely to make tiny adjustments to your heating if you can do it at the push of a button without leaving your seat. With smart heaters, it’s even easier – you can control your heater using your smartphone, sometimes from anywhere in the world (provided your phone has an internet connection). This means, if you forget to switch your heating off when you leave the house, you can turn it off no matter where you are. You can also turn it on just as you leave work to return home to a cosy house.

Some smart heaters are also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and other smart assistants. This means you can control them with your voice, making them even more convenient!

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