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A fitted heated towel railHeated Towel Rails

If you’ve ever stepped out of a warm and relaxing shower or bath to then be greeted by a damp and cold towel, you’ll understand that there’s no worse feeling! Having to dry yourself (and keep yourself warm) with a damp towel, especially in the colder months, can actually cause colds and flues due to the lack of warmth you’re receiving! Investing in a heated towel rail will not only prevent this but will also warm up your bathroom space too – perfect for those chilly morning and evening times where we’re most likely to be wanting a relaxing shower or bath!

Keep Your Towels Warm and Dry

Without any additional heating in your bathroom space, drying your towels can be a nightmare. Simply put, if you’re washing once a day, your towels are not having enough time to dry in-between uses. Not only does this mean that your towels will always be damp, it can also cause a very unpleasant stale or musty smell that can linger throughout your bathroom! To avoid this, our heated towel rails are designed to warm and dry your towels thoroughly. They ensure that you’ll never have to use a damp (and potentially smelly!) towel again! For families, our larger heated towel rails are perfect, providing you with plenty of space to dry more than one towel at a time – allowing every family member to shower daily, without having to wrap themselves in a very unpleasant towel afterwards!

A chrome heated towel railsDecrease the Chance of Bacteria Growth

Damp towels provide the perfect climate for bacteria and germs to grow! The towels trap any bacteria, whilst the wet environment creates the perfect climate for them to linger until the towel is next washed. Common infections that are spread this way are verrucas and athlete’s foot. These infections linger in the towels and duplicate inside the fabric, before possibly passing the infection onto the next user! Having a heated towel rail will prevent this from happening, as you can make sure every towel you use is completely dry and infection free!

Easily Fitted into Any Bathroom or Ensuite

For your convenience, our heated towel rails can be fitted into any bathroom or en suite, allowing you to dry your towels easily! Designed to be able to use with a wet or dual fuel system that will link up to your existing central heating supply, you can be sure the heated towel rail will give you a reliable heat source, which will not only dry your towels but increase the room temperature too!

Perfect for Caravans

If you’re a caravan owner, you’ll know how cold they can become! However, with them often having limited space (especially in the bathroom), installing a heated towel rail will allow you to have dry towels all year round, whilst also adding a small and compact heat source into the icy cold bathroom area!

Heated towel railDurable and Long-lasting

Our heated towel rails are made from robust stainless-steel, ensuring that they have been built to last and will stand the test of time. With towels being an item that we use daily, it’s important that the rail you choose will provide excellent results, no matter how many times it’s used!

For a more hygienic, comfortable and practical way to dry your towels, explore our wide range of heated towel rails today! With the colder months often causing your bathroom space (particularly caravan bathrooms) to become icy cold, our heated towel rails will also heat up the room, giving you added heat when you need it most!

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