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Stainless Steel Hand Dryers

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Stainless steel hand dryerStainless-Steel Hand Dryers

With stainless steel being unable to tarnish or rust, it is the perfect material for washroom appliances to be made from! Obviously, hand dryers are likely to be in contact with water regularly, due to the users having wet hands. Our stainless-steel hand dryers are durable, easy to use and long-lasting, providing your customers with an excellent hand drying facility with every use! Therefore, you can be sure your hand dryer will remain rust-free, perfect for any business or public washroom!

Prevents Vandalism

As well as being rust and tarnish proof, our stainless-steel hand dryers will also prevent vandalism! Due to their sturdy and durable design, once wall-mounted these stainless-steel hand dryers are extremely hard to remove or damage! This makes them ideal for larger public washrooms where a large number of people will be using the facility, as you can be sure the hand dryer will remain sleek and professional looking – no matter how many times it may be used!

Vandals will find it extremely hard to leave a lasting mark on these stainless-steel hand dryers! Their surface is easily cleaned from most paints, pens and marks, preventing any graffiti from ruining the look of your sleek hand dryer!

Easy to Clean

As well as being able to remove most graffiti marks, our stainless-steel hand dryers are also easily cleaned from stains, markings and dirt! Their smooth surface ensures that they are easily wiped clean, returning them back to their former state – perfect for keeping your hygiene standards high and the look of your washroom professional and mark free!

Automatic Stainless-Steel Hand Dryers

Automatic hand dryers are programmed to detect movement under their nozzle and then dispense warm air onto the user’s hands. Automatic models are easy to use and energy efficient, as the user will only use the amount of warm air needed, before removing their hands and stopping the warm air from being dispensed. This makes them ideal for busy washrooms, as each individual using the hand dryer will use less energy, preventing long queues and saving you money!

Automatic hand dryers also ensure that the user does not have to touch the unit, which will make them more likely to return. Despite how clean your washroom may be, users are unlikely to want to touch washroom facilities, due to us becoming more and more hygiene conscious!

Push button hand dryerPush Button Automated

For smaller washrooms, our button automated hand dryers are perfect! With a built-in timer, the hand dryer is set to release warm air for an average of 60 seconds, ensuring the user has perfectly dry hands before the warm air stops being dispensed!

Push button hand dryers also tend to be quieter than automatic hand dryers, such as the Jofel stainless steel nozzle hand dryer.  For school, restaurant, cinema or business washrooms, this will prevent employees or visitors from being distracted by any loud noise, or having to hear the hand dryer working every time someone new uses the facilities!

Colour and Finish

All of our stainless-steel hand dryers come in silver or white for a professional and clean-looking finish. Both are easily cleaned and will look sleek and stylish in any washroom – perfect for keeping the look of your company high end and inviting!

We also offer both chrome and brushed stainless-steel hand dryers. Both offer a premium look, ensuring your washroom remains stylish and elegantly designed!

To ensure your washroom hand dryer remains dirt and vandal free, browse our extensive range of stainless-steel hand dryers. Made to last, you can be sure your chosen hand dryer will remain clean and tidy for many years to come!

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