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Toilet Roll Dispensers

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Toilet Roll Dispensers
A stack of toilet rolls

Avoid toilet rolls falling onto the floor (or even into the loo!) by no-longer leaving them loose and installing a dispenser, which will give them a dedicated storage space. Our extensive range of toilet roll dispensers will provide a convenient, high-quality place for you to store the toilet roll, making it easily accessible to the public. We supply an extensive range of dispensers, meaning you can pick the right one for your company – whatever your needs may be!

Material – Which is Best?

At Hygiene Supplies Direct, we offer both ABS plastic, anti-bacterial plastic and stainless-steel models. Depending on the washroom(s) you are buying for, this will ultimately decide which material will suit your business best.

ABS plastic is fireproof, easy to clean and professional looking. Due to our variety of colours (white, black, green, orange and blue), you can ensure that these designs will add a splash of colour into your washroom, lifting the typically dull colour scheme most businesses use. Our plastic models are perfect for schools, hospitals, small businesses and gyms, as they look professional and are easy to clean – as well as being a more affordable option.

Stainless-steel toilet roll dispensers are ideal for larger businesses, outdoor public washrooms, or train and bus stop toilets. Due to the large capacity of people using these washrooms, the durability our stainless-steel models offer will provide you with excellent value for money. Their scratch resistance and strong backplates will also prevent vandalism or accidental damage.

Multi-roll vs Single Roll Holder

Depending on the volume of customers or employees using your washrooms, we provide both multi-roll and single roll dispensers – allowing us to meet the needs of every business!

For smaller businesses where the washrooms are not used that often, single roll dispensers will be much more cost effective. More affordable, our single roll holders hold only one roll, making them smaller in size and much more discreet. They take up less wall space, making them the perfect addition to narrow toilet cubicles.

For larger scale businesses or public toilets, our multi-roll holders allow more than one roll to be stored at a time – releasing another full roll after the previous one has finished. Our multi-roll dispensers range from holding 2-4 rolls, allowing you to choose the perfect size for your washroom.  Perfect for washrooms that are constantly busy, these dispensers decrease the number of times they need to be refilled. This will prevent any customers from not having access to toilet roll – something you definitely want to avoid!

Sheet vs RollA sheet toilet roll dispenser

Our toilet roll dispensers ar e available in two types – those that hold sheets of toilet tissue, or an actual toilet roll. Depending on the type of washroom you’re buying for, each design has its advantages.

Toilet roll sheet dispensers allow users to pull out as many sheets of paper they may need, one at a time. This often results in less paper being used, as customers are less likely to pull out large handfuls of paper, which is perfect for smaller companies where fewer people are using the dispenser. These dispensers are narrower and smaller in size than roll dispensers, allowing them to fit perfectly into washrooms with a limited amount of space. Due to there being no risk of the sheets trailing on the floor (which can happen in some public washrooms that use rolls), these dispensers can be fitted almost anywhere on the wall, as long as users can reach it easily!

Roll dispensers are perfect for washrooms that facilitate a larger amount of people. Due to many models being able to accommodate more than one roll, they prevent dispensers from running out of toilet paper – which in a busy workplace, may happen more regularly with sheet dispensers. Roll dispensers can also hold a variety of sizes of toilet roll (depending on the model you choose). They range from holding a 200m to 400m roll, allowing you to selectDIno range toilet roll dispenser the dispenser that will best fit your company.

Looking for Dispensers for Your School? Explore our Dino Range!

If you’re looking for toilet roll dispensers to use in primary schools or nurseries, here at HSD we offer the perfect child-friendly option! Our Dino range features a cartoon image of a dinosaur on ABS plastic, which is both aesthetically pleasing to children, whilst also being fire-proof. Our Dino range also features the text ‘PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS’, which promotes hygiene to your young pupils, whilst also providing them with the facilities to do so!

Variety in Shapes

The space you have available in your washroom will determine the shape of toilet roll dispenser you choose to invest in. For smaller washrooms, our circular or rectangular models will allow you to fit the dispenser without wasting any available room. However, square dispensers are perfect for businesses who have a large amount of staff or customers, or simply have more wall space for a dispenser that can hold more than one toilet roll.

It is vital that you choose the right toilet roll dispenser for your business, here at Hygiene Supplies Direct we are certain we can provide you with the perfect dispenser that’s right for your business. Browse our extensive range here and pick your perfect dispenser today!

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