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Convector Heaters

Electric Convector Heater - Heat your home or office for less

A wide range of Electric Convector Heaters from the biggest brands such as Vent-Axia, Prem-I-Air and Dimplex. The range includes fan assisted convector heaters to heat a room quickly and heaters with thermostats and timers for close user control over heat output and running cost. Some of the Convector Heaters we offer can be left free standing or wall mounted for a permanent heating fixture in a lounge, bedroom or conservatory.

Convector Heaters:

Electric Convector heaters are a staple heating solution for domestic and commercial premises in the UK.


Convection heaters are ideal for many applications including lounges, bedrooms, conservatories and office spaces. Typically, we follow a formula that the wattage needed to heat a room is the same as the cubic feet of the room. For example, if a room measures 2000 cubic feet, we would recommend using a 2000 watts or 2KW convector heater within that room.

Convector Heaters can be used as the sole heater in the room, or alongside central heating to top the heat up in a room. In milder months, they can be used in place of the central heating. This is a much cheaper way of heating a room compared to the cost and energy used by switching the central heating on.


Most models can also either be wall mounted or left free standing and moved from room to room. This can be a cheaper heating solution than having fixed heating in every room.


Most Convector Heaters come fitted with thermostats and timers, and multiple heat settings. These features allow the heater to act in much the same way as central heating by maintaining a temperature in the room. The timer enables the user to decide when the heater switches on and off, and this can be particularly useful when you want to heat a room before use. Fan assisted or turbo convector heaters are fitted with a fan which spreads the heat quickly throughout the room.

IP Rating:

The Dimplex PLX convector heaters are IP Rated which means they are safe for use in bathrooms. Typically Bathroom fan or down flow heaters were used to heat bathrooms however with the advance in design and manufacturing of convector heaters, IP Rated and splash proof convector heaters are becoming more and more popular.

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