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So why use PH neutral snow foam?

There has been an ongoing debate between professional valeters, car enthusiasts and other interested parties on the benefit of using snow foam as part of your cleaning routine and in particular, its effect on protective coatings and waxes.

The idea behind using a snow foam pre-wash is to limit the risk of causing damage to your precious paintwork as most swirls and scratches are caused in the initial wash. Snow foam is a non-contact cleaner that gently breaks down abrasive environmental contaminants, dirt and grime without the need for direct contact giving you a scratch-free wash, after this process your ready to get your hands on the vehicle.

Snow foam is created using a snow foam lance and pressure washer along with the snow foam detergent and water mix they are then dispensed from the lance, sticking to your car and helping remove dirt, debris and grime. The foam should be thick and rich and stick to the car, however this can depend on the quality of all 3 components, the foam itself, the lance and the pressure washer. Some lances work better than others. We always recommend a snow foam lance with an agitator fitted. (Our Karcher and Nilfisk compatible snow foam lances both have an agitator within)

Snow foam in its purest form is a pre wash detergent, not the main stay of your car clean. It should be used as a 'starter' to your 'main course', being a traditional car wash and wax shampoo. The foam will help lift, loosen and remove in some cases dirt and grime, but it will not offer a full, comprehensive clean like a traditional Wash and wax car shampoo.

It is whilst lifting the dirt and grime that snow foam can be criticised, as some brands will also strip protective coatings and expensive waxes designed to protect the car. It is the high alkali cleaners which clean the car that unfortunately strip these waxes leaving car enthusiasts disappointed and having to spend hours re-applying those protective coats which have been removed.

Therefore after extensive research, development and numerous tests, our chemists have created a unique pH neutral formula containing prime grade polymers and hyper-surfactants to carefully soften debris from your car and not only provide a fantastic preparation cleaning performance, but also protect existing layers of wax and coatings already in place on the car.

Rather than stripping the dirt and therefore waxes, PH neutral snow foam works in a more refined way to ensure dirt is lifted, whilst keeping your waxes in place. We offer the PH neutral formula in numerous fragrances so you can clean your car with a beautiful scent of your choosing, but also mix and match and continue making keeping your car clean and well presented, also good fun.

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