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Greenhouse Heaters

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Greenhouse tubular heaterGreenhouse Heaters

If you have green fingers, you’ll know that in order for many plants to thrive and grow healthily, they need a reliable heat source! In winter, greenhouses can become very cold, dark and uninviting places to be. With a limited amount of sunlight, the lack of warmth and light can cause many plants to wither and die, ruining all of the hard work you put into your greenhouse during the summer! To prevent this, investing in a greenhouse heater will ensure that your plants are always thoroughly warm and will, therefore, have the perfect conditions to grow stronger than ever!

Which is the Best Greenhouse Heater for you?

Depending on the size of your greenhouse, you’ll want to find a heater that will fit inside, without taking up too much space for your plants to grow. It’s also important that your heater is reliable and durable, as you’ll be wanting to use it frequently (every day and night in the winter!) to keep the greenhouse warm and comfortable for your plants.  Hygiene Supplies Direct offers the best greenhouse heaters online, making sure that you never have to face another winter where your much-loved crops and plants die due to the cold conditions!

Tubular Heaters

Tubular heaters are a small, energy efficient heater designed to prevent frost and damp in outdoor spaces. Particularly useful for greenhouses and caravans due to their small and discrete size, they can be placed almost anywhere to provide a reliable heat source for your plants to grow!

Tubular heaterTubular heaters can be both freestanding, wall or ceiling mounted, making them the most versatile heater on the market! These heaters are particularly useful to place near plants that need a more direct and intense heat (such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and beans), without making the space too hot for plants that need much less heat (such as cauliflower, leak and onions). This gives you more control over where the heat is placed and directed, without risking any plants withering or dying due to too much heat being deposited!

Tubular heaters are also extremely cost-effective. They cost an average of 2p an hour to run, making them the perfect heater to ensure that it’s only your plants that will grow and not your energy bills! Adding to their versatility, tubular heaters can also be stacked together, giving you a more intense and even heat source all around your greenhouse. This will maintain a constant, even temperature for your crops to thrive in, without having just one heater in the corner of a room, which may be unable to reach the areas that are least near to them.

fan heaterFan Heaters

Fan heaters are another great option for a greenhouse heater. They are easy to use and portable, allowing you to constantly keep changing the position the heater is dispensing the warm air – giving all of your crops a chance to feel the heat! With the fan heaters being portable, they also allow you to use them in other rooms within your household or outdoor space. For example, if it’s a particularly sunny day and the heater is not required in the greenhouse, you may want to use it in your outhouse or shed due to them not receiving as much direct sunlight - giving you excellent value for money!

Most of our fan heaters are also fitted with an adjustable thermostat. This gives you full control of how warm or cold you want the air that is being dispensed to be, perfect for the unpredictable British weather! The fitted thermostat will also make sure that the heat is never too hot for your plants, which is something many greenhouse owners struggle to maintain.

Many of our fan heaters can also dispense cold air, which for plants that require less warmth, this can be a lifesaver in the summer months! With them being able to be used all year round, they give you excellent value for money, whilst also allowing your plants to be cared for – whatever the weather!

GreenhouseHow to Make the Most of Your Greenhouse Heating

No matter which heater you decide to opt for, it’s important that you get the most out of it! Due to greenhouses being outdoors, they are notoriously difficult to keep insulated and warm. Therefore, much of the needed heat is often lost, resulting in you paying much more money and seeing fewer results! Here are a few ways to keep your greenhouse as insulated as possible, giving you the most out of your chosen heater:

Seal any Cracks or Broken Glass in Your Greenhouse

Even the slightest crack in your greenhouse can cause a rapid decrease in temperature. When your heater is working, the last thing that you want is for the heat to all be lost by escaping through the gaps! Simply sealing any gaps that you may have in your greenhouse will allow the heat to remain inside, reducing your energy bills and giving your plants the direct heat source, they require!

For further insulation, why not try putting a transparent piece of plastic around your greenhouse? This will ensure the heat is even more likely to stay within the space, whilst also keeping any naturally generated heat in the greenhouse for much longer!

Commercial fan heaterPrevent Damp, Mould and Frost

With greenhouses being placed outside, they are extremely prone to developing damp, mould and frost. Not only can this become a problem for your plants and crops, damp and mould can be dangerous to breathe in, which is definitely something you want to avoid when you’re spending time tending to your greenery!

Due to their warm and humid conditions, greenhouses provide the perfect climate for mould to grow and spread. Mould is not only unsightly, it can actually negatively affect your plant’s growth, whilst also being very damaging for you to breathe in! To prevent mould, make sure that you are not over watering your crops, and invest in a dehumidifier. This will remove any access moisture from the air, massively decreasing the chances of mould or damp forming in your greenhouse!

Make sure your greenhouse is always the perfect climate for your plants and crops to grow and thrive by investing in one of our greenhouse heaters. Whether you require a tubular or fan heater, we’re sure to provide you with the best prices online, without jeopardising on quality!

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