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Panel Heaters

Our electric panel heaters are the perfect heating solution for cold homes, workplaces and garages. We stock a market-leading range of models from recognised brands such as MYLEK, Dimplex, and more. Many models are also ERP Lot 20 compliant, meaning they meet the highest energy efficiency standards!

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A wall-mounted panel heaterWhy Buy an Electric Panel Heater?

In winter, the cold can be overwhelming. It can turn rooms with insufficient heating into unbearable places to work or relax! By installing an electric panel heater or placing a portable one in your home, you can transform an uninviting cold space into a cosy, welcoming space in an instant.

Electric panel heaters are perfect for all kinds of spaces including garages, caravans, bedrooms, waiting areas, and offices! Thanks to their slimline design, they take up very little space whilst providing you with a highly effective and energy efficient heating solution. They’re also friendly to your purse too, often saving you money on heating bills when compared to traditional central heating!

Many panel heaters can also be wall mounted making them ideal for areas where floor space may be limited or simply for those who are looking for a more permanent heating fixture to replace outdated radiators so you can keep warm without ruining the luxury look of your home, office space or outhouse.

With their small, lightweight design, they’re ideal as portable heat sources, too! Move your heater wherever you require a top-up of warmth. Move your panel heater from your conservatory to a living room or bedroom with ease.

How do Panel Heaters Work?

Electric panel heaters are convection heaters. Inside each model is both a heating element and a fan. The heating element warms up the cold air it takes in, whilst the fan blows the warm air back out, distributing the heat evenly around your room - providing a low-cost, low-energy way to heat up your workplace! It takes slightly longer than typical radiators, but is much more efficient in saving energy!

A white panel heaterUseful Features to Look Out For When Purchasing a Panel Heater

Our electric panel heaters are second to none, providing you with every feature you could possibly need to give you the most for your money!

As we all know, the weather varies a lot during the year (especially in the UK!) which means we are frequently wanting to change the temperature of the room we’re in. That’s why the majority of our panel heaters have a thermostat that allows you to set the temperature of your heater down to the exact degree! This handy feature makes them perfect for caravans and smaller rooms that heat up faster, as you can set the temperature high for warmth initially, and then lower the setting to maintain the temperature of the room throughout the day. Thermostats also detect when the room has reached the temperature that you require. They then turn off while the room is at the correct temperature until it starts to cool down again. After this, the heater will then turn on again and start to heat up the room to the desired temperature again! This saves you energy and money as you can ensure the heater will not be using energy when the temperature has already been reached.

Panel heaters with timers are particularly great for those of us who are wanting to set heaters to turn on before waking up or returning home from work. You’ll no longer have to worry about wasting energy having the heater switched on when you’re not around, as it will be programmed to turn off at a specific time anyway!

Many modern heaters are also remote control operated providing you with the convenience of being able to switch the heater on or off and amend the temperature or timer without leaving your seat!

For wall mounted models, we include wall-fittings and/or brackets with every unit. This allows you to fit your model onto the wall easily and safely. They’re all easy to wipe down too (great for homes prone to messy fingerprints!) ensuring your heater remains to look pristine at all times.

For landlords or parents with small children, some of our models (such as this Dimplex heater) allow for both the timers and heaters have a Child Lock function to prevent misuse allowing you to program the temperature and the time they will switch on and off, without worrying about the settings being messed with.

For those looking for panel heaters that are portable, many of our models such as our MYLEK heaters, come with castor wheels or feet allowing you to transport the heater to whichever room you wish, whilst doing so easily and safely.

Electric Panel Heaters for Bathrooms

Many of our electric panel heaters are IP24 approved, making them perfect for bathroom or kitchen installation by a qualified electrician. Our splash proof bathroom heaters that can be wall-mounted also pass the ERP Lot 20 legislation, making them the perfect energy efficient heater for any area! Being IP24 rated also makes them a safer option than others as they do not have any small holes or parts where children may trap their fingers and cause potential injuries. They’re also perfect for landlords, thanks to their super safe and energy efficient features.

An electric panel heater with an appBenefits of Smart Panel Heaters

This heater, in particular, is so easy to use, it can even be controlled through your smartphone! By downloading an app, you are able to control your heater by the click of a button – no matter where you are! Ideal for those customers who work shifts, or have irregular routines (and therefore a timer wouldn’t always be sufficient), you can turn your heater on during your commute home, allowing you to enter a pre-warmed room!

To add extra warmth into your bathroom, home, office or shed, browse our wide range of electric panel heaters today. We’re proud to offer excellent quality brands at the best prices with unbeatable customer support and quick delivery.

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