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Quiet Hand Dryers

Quiet hand dryers are an essential part of a modern washroom. Make your bathroom facilities comfortable and welcoming for all staff and customers - low-noise hand dryers are ideal for disabled toilets, care homes, and autism-friendly toilets.

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Pro-Dri GladiatorQuiet Hand Dryers

It’s important to make your washroom as comfortable as possible for your staff and customers to use. A big part of this is ensuring that your hand dryer is quiet. The modern hand dryers in our range go through extensive testing to ensure they run as quietly as possible, with their loudness measured under strict lab conditions. More importantly, these tests are to make sure that they can still perform to a high standard – there’s no point picking up an almost-silent model that takes ages to dry hands!

Why Are Hand Dryers Loud?

There is no such thing as a silent hand dryer. This is because they use a turbine to blow air onto your hands, which naturally makes a bit of noise. As you might expect, the more air that the turbine moves, the more noise it produces, so faster and more powerful hand dryers tend to be a bit noisier. While some models can use noise-dampening technology to reduce the amount of noise they make, you’ll still have something of a trade-off between power, drying time, and noise. Bear this in mind when thinking about which hand dryer is best for your business.

Why Do You Need a Quiet Hand Dryer?

A loud hand dryer can be really uncomfortable for some people, especially those with hearing aids, mental health conditions, or autism. They’re also unsuitable for small offices, cafes, or other places where the sound can carry through walls and disturb staff and customers in other rooms.

If you have a quiet hand dryer, your washroom will instantly become more welcoming and comfortable for everyone who uses it. Think about how many times staff or customers will use a trip to the bathroom to collect their thoughts or just to have a break, even if it’s only for a minute or two. There’s a reason the Americans call it a “restroom”, after all! If someone enters your washroom only to be greeted by a deafening racket, it can reflect badly on your business as a whole. Don’t let your brand down with a wheezy, rattling hand dryer – use a quiet alternative that reflects the modern values of your company.

Low noise hand dryers are essential in:

  • Care homes
  • Nurseries
  • Autism-friendly washrooms
  • Small businesses like cafes
  • Small washrooms with thin walls
  • Cinemas

How Quiet is a Quiet Hand Dryer?

“Quiet” is a fairly vague term. As you probably know, loudness is measured in decibels (dB). We class a hand dryer as quiet when it gets under 70 dB, which is roughly the same volume that an average family has their TV on.

Bear in mind that a difference of just a couple of dB can be really noticeable. A reading of 60 dB is only half as loud as a reading of 70 dB because of the way decibels are measured. That means you’ll want to check out these sub-60 dB hand dryers if noise is your main concern.

Quiet markThe Quiet Mark

Keep your eyes out for models that have been awarded the prestigious Quiet Mark if you want the very best low noise hand dryers. It’s an international certificate that guarantees the very quietest operation without compromising on performance. Simply put, dryers with the Quiet Mark will dry hands quickly and comfortably without making a lot of noise.

Speed Settings

Some dryers – like the Pro-Dri Gladiator – come with more than one speed setting. This setting controls the speed of the turbine inside the unit, with slower speeds being much quieter. In the case of the Gladiator, this means it can be as quiet as 58 dB! The slower speed settings do take a little longer to dry hands, but depending on how busy your washrooms are this could be a price worth paying for you.

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