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AirDri Hand Dryers

Airdri Hand dryers - the complete solution to your washroom needs

-HSDonline offer the full range of Airdri Hand Dryers from the MKII to the Quartz Hand dryer. Stylish, affordable and economical to run, these low noise, low cost models are particularly ideal for schools and commercial premises.

The range of hand dryers from Airdri offer users affordable, quiet and efficient hand dryers for their premises. Offering all the attributes you seek at a much more affordable price compared to perhaps the leading brands, Airdri hand dryers ensure that any level of commercial premises can access the leading hand drying technology.

Quiet Output

Airdri are renowned for their quiet hand dryers with the Quote, Quartz, Quest and Quad hand dryers from Airdri both awarded the UK's noise abatement society award for reduced noise levels. This quiet operation helps when users may have sensitive hearing and is why we strongly recommend these units for schools, play centres and other children focused premises. The Quote is one of our most popular hand dryers and comes with a 3 year warranty and dries hands within 25 seconds which whilst not being especially fast, results in a calm, quiet and warm hand drying experience for users.

Low Running Costs

Across the entire Airdri range, the wattage on any unit never exceeds 2KW or 2000 watts. The Quarto hand dryer is designed in the guise of a more traditional hand dryer with durability at its key backed by a 5 year warranty period. For a unit retailing at below £180 to be backed with a 5 year warranty showcases the trust and quality of the Airdri range. It also boasts a 20 second drying time which combined with the durability and low noise output (74 decibels), makes the Quarto a perfect solution for many commercial premises across the UK.

Designer Finishes

Across the entire range, all of the Airdri units are available in a range of finishes to suit the existing decor, or the look you are trying to achieve in your premises. With a choice of brushed stainless steel, chrome, black or white there is a finish that will fit into your bathroom, providing your customers not only with a quality hand drying experience that reflects well on your company as a whole, but a stunning addition showcasing your cleanliness, professionalism and respect for your customers as a whole.

How do Airdri hand dryers stack up against other units available?

To showcase our trust in the Airdri range, we have detailed some comparisons below so you can compare the key attributes to similar hand dryers you may be considering for your premises.

Noise Levels:

Quest 75 Decibels

Quote 65 Decibels

Quaazar 70 Decibels

Quad 71 Decibels

Quarto 74 Decibels

Dyson Airblade AB14 85 Decibels

XleratorECO 70-72 Decibels

Warner Howard Airforce 79 Decibels

Drying Time:

Quest 15 Seconds

Quote 24 Seconds

Quaazar 18 Seconds

Quad 17 Seconds

Quarto 20 Seconds

Dyson Airblade AB14 Less than 10 seconds

XleratorECO 10-11 seconds

Warner Howard Airforce 12-15 Seconds

Nino Hand Dryer 30 Seconds

Pro-Dri Extreme Hand Dryer 10-12 Seconds


Quest 5 Years

Quote 3 Years

Quaazar 5 Years

Quad 5 Years

Quarto 5 Years

Dyson Airblade AB14 5 Years

XleratorECO 5 Years

Warner Howard Airforce 3 Years

Nino Hand Dryer 1 Year

Pro-Dri Extreme Hand Dryer 1 Year

As this brief outline shows, Airdri hand dryers provide a durable and reliable, quiet and efficient hand drying solution at almost a third of the price of the units it matches up well with both in the warranty period provided but also its performance characteristics too.

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