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Instant Water Heaters

Instant Water Heaters are perfect for rooms without a plumbed in water source. Easy to fit and energy efficient, our instant water heaters will provide you with hot waters for low water usage tasks. Our larger models are even perfect to use for showering!

Large Instant Water HeatersInstant Water Heaters

Instant water heaters are perfect for smaller rooms, caravans, sheds and outhouses. For rooms or places where there is not an existing hot water source, or the boiler is situated far away, instant hot water boilers will prevent water waste, whilst also saving you money! They prevent large amounts of water from having to travel through pipes to reach the tap, making them eco-friendly and energy efficient! Depending on where you want to place the instant hot water heater and what you want to use it for, will ultimately depend on the type that you’ll want to get. Hygiene Supplies Direct offers a wide variety of different types and styles to ensure we can always provide the perfect one for you!

Over Sink Water Heaters

Our over sink water heaters are the perfect water heaters for sinks that only require a small amount of water use. For example, if your outhouse, caravan or work sink is only being used for hand washing purposes, most of our over sink water heaters are fitted with a tap and nozzle for easy use! This makes our over sink water heaters the most practical instant heater, as it not only provides instant hot water, it also takes up little space above the sink, allowing users to wash their hands efficiently – despite how tight space may be!

Many of our over sink water heaters have an adjustable temperature, allowing you or any other user to change the temperature whenever they wish. This is ideal for school play areas, hospitals or care homes, as you can be sure that the temperature will not be deposited too hot – preventing any accidents from occurring!

Under Sink Water Heaters Under Sink Water Heaters

Much like over sink water heaters, our over sink water heaters dispense hot water immediately. Saving energy and money by only dispensing the water you need (instead of holding and heating a large supply that you may not need), these heaters are a low-cost solution for hand washing, washing up or for catering businesses! Under sink water heaters are designed to fit under an existing sink unit, perfect for washrooms or en suites with an under sink cabinet already installed!

Compatible with any tap (from an ordinary fitting, single or even monobloc taps), these under sink water heaters are easy to install. With flexible hoses and rubber gaskets, they can easily be installed by a qualified plumber!

Instant How Water Heaters for Shower

The majority of instant hot water meters are unsuitable for shower use. This is due to the amount of water they can heat at a time, resulting in the shower turning cold or the device breaking due to them being overworked.

However, some of our instant hot water heaters are suitable for shower use – perfect for en suites, caravans and outhouses. With higher energy levels and power, the instant water heaters that are 9.5kw or above will give you enough hot water to enjoy a shower, without turning cold or shutting down completely. Most of these larger instant water heaters are fitted with an eco-mode that provides the user with the choice to choose between a high, medium or low setting – preventing water waste whilst also saving you money!

Please note: our larger instant water heaters are not suitable for kitchen sinks or baths.

Large Instant Water Heaters for showersSafe and Durable

All of our instant water heaters are IP4 rated. This means that they are shower and waterproof, making them extremely safe to use! They are also crafted from strong and robust material (ABS plastic or steel), making them durable and long-lasting.

To add instant hot water into your kitchen, en suite, outhouse or caravan, explore our wide range of instant hot water heaters today. Designed to cut down on water waste, you can be sure these water heaters will provide excellent results, whilst also saving you money!

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