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Over Sink Water Heaters

Over sink water heaters provide hot water, without having to install a separate hot water unit. Ideal for caravans, catering businesses or smaller home washrooms, they provide small amounts of hot water to complete daily tasks such as washing up and washing your hands. Browse our extensive collection today to find the perfect over sink water heater for you!

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An over sink hot water eater fitted onto a wallOver Sink Water Heaters

Installing hot water can be a demanding and costly job. For rooms where a large amount of hot water is simply not needed, this can put off many businesses and homeowners from installing (despite the many benefits hot water would provide)! That’s why over sink water heaters are perfect for small businesses or household sinks that are only used for hand or pot washing. As they’re fitted above or next to your sink, you don’t have to worry about having space underneath a unit to install an alternative, under sink model. They are an efficient, safe and easy way to disrepute hot water, without having to plumb in a fixed hot water system – saving you time and money!

How Do Over Sink Water Heaters Work?

These hot water heaters are perfect for small-scale use. Depending on the model you buy, they either hold water and boil it (storing it within the unit) or they dispense hot water instantly. Both are easy to install, whilst providing hot water for hygiene and convenience.

Storage Systems

We have various storage system models that hold different amounts of water. So, if you’re going to be using your hot water supply more frequently (such as in caravans or offices), we recommend opting for one of our larger models. These are connected to your usual water supply, which allows them to be easily filled once the hot water has all been used. Once the water enters the storage unit, it heats up and reaches the optimum temperature before turning off, keeping the water at this temperature until emptied. Storage models are instantly refilled, but you will need to wait for the new water to warm up before using the heater. Therefore, we recommend that these models are installed in places where a constant supply of hot water isn’t vital.

Instant Water Heaters

If you need continuous hot water, we recommend taking a look at instant hot water boilers. These boilers are designed to instantly heat your water as it comes through your taps, without having to wait for any storage unit to heat the water first. Using an electronic heating element, these water heaters are efficient and reliable, making them the perfect option for catering vans or other mobile businesses that require hot water ‘on tap’!

Please note, instant hot water heaters are only designed to be used in moderation and not for large scale tasks (such as showering or running a bath).

ElAn instant hot water heater tapectric Taps

For bathrooms or small kitchen sinks, we recommend installing an electric tap. Created to look like your typical sink tap, this model allows you to have access to warm water to wash your hands, without having to wait for cold water to run through first – an annoyance we’ve all experienced! Perfect for isolated bathrooms in new builds or office spaces, providing an easy solution for areas where gaining access to hot water can be troublesome. With no bulky water system, these taps ensure your bathroom or kitchen stays looking stylish.  For hygiene purposes, the spout can be easily removed and cleaned to prevent the build-up of limescale.

What Are the Benefits of Over Sink Water Heaters?

Over sink heaters are fitted directly to your water supply providing instant hot water (once the water has been heated for storage models), which is often unobtainable for taps that are connected to a further away hot water source. Waiting for water to travel from boilers wastes both time and water, making them less efficient for jobs that only require smaller amounts of hot water. In places where hot water is unable to be plumbed in, this provides an easy solution – giving you and your customers hot water without the hassle!

Key Features To Make Your Life Easier


Many of our over sink water heaters are fitted with an easy to use tap that dispenses water straight from the unit. These taps vary in length, allowing you to find the perfect size that fits seamlessly into your existing space – they can even be used to replace your usual taps, making them perfect for washrooms that have limited space! This is ideal for rooms that only require hot water, as this tap can replace sinks that release both hot and cold water – which can take up much-needed space. The tap spouts can also be moved and from left to right, providing easy access to hot water in whichever direction you may be standing, or to reach the sink they have been installed next to.

TA water heater without a taphermostats

Depending on how hot you need your water, you can change the temperature easily. Our over sink water heaters are fitted with either a mechanical or a digital thermostat, ensuring your water is not going to scald anyone’s hands when they come into contact with it! The thermostat will also detect when your storage heater has reached the set temperature, preventing them over or under heating and wasting energy, providing perfectly heated water every time!

Frost Protection

Frost protection is extremely important for water heaters. Due to them often being used in outhouses and garages (where the temperature can drop significantly in the winter) ensuring your heater is protected from freezing is crucial. Frost can significantly damage or even break water heaters without frost protection so it’s really important to try and prevent this from happening if you’re using a water heater in a cold, outside space. Luckily our storage heaters come with frost protection to give you peace of mind.  

What Can They Be Used For?

As we mentioned earlier, water heaters must be used in moderation. Therefore, tasks that require large amounts of hot water (such as showering or bathing) are not able to be carried out using an over sink water heater. However, they are perfect for washroom purposes or for use in kitchens, as well as catering businesses that require hot water on the go!

To provide your customers or family members with instant hot water, browse our collection of over sink hot water boilers today! Whether you require a storage or instant model, we have the perfect unit waiting for you at the best possible price!

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