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Toilet Seat Sanitiser

Toilet Seat Sanitizer – Category Description

Toilet Seat WipesMost of us have become extremely paranoid about catching infections or diseases from public washrooms, and will go to every measure to ensure we never make contact with them! With the average toilet seat containing around 10 million bacteria per square inch, it’s no wonder people are so hygiene conscious when it comes to toilet seats! Therefore, it’s very important that they’re cleaned regularly. This is especially true for commercial washrooms, as due to a large number of people using the facilities, more germs and bacteria are likely to be spread. We’ve all heard about the lengths people go to in order to avoid coming into contact with the dreaded toilet seat – from hovering, lining the seat with toilet roll, or even opting to bring their own sanitizing sprays! Prevent guests and employees from having to do this in your washroom space, by providing them with an easily accessible toilet seat sanitizer. This will ensure users can be certain they are having the most hygienic experience possible, encouraging them to want to return!

Toilet seat sanitizer is particularly useful for train and bus station washrooms, as well as clinical settings. With heavy traffic of people using bus and train station washrooms, they are often prone to becoming germ ridden! By installing a toilet seat sanitizer, you give the customer (and any cleaning staff!) an easy to use substance that removes bacteria, reduces germs and leaves the toilet seat gleaming! For hospitals, doctor’s surgeries or care homes, this is an easy way to keep the facilities sterile. With hygiene being of even more importance in the health care profession, toilet seat sanitizer will ensure the facilities are kept spotless, reducing the risk of diseases being spread!

Toilet Seat Wipes

Hygiene wipe dispensers are a quick and easy way to clean toilet seats before use. They kill 99.9% of bacteria, allowing the washroom user to feel at ease that the hygiene standards of your washroom are high. Unlike others, our wet wipes are biodegradable, allowing the user to easily flush the wipe away, without blocking the toilet! This is perfect for commercial washrooms, as many users can wipe the toilet seat in a day, without there being a need to worry about the effects this may have on your plumbing system. The wipes are also flash drying, allowing the user to sit on the toilet straight after they’ve cleaned the seat.

To cut down on waste, our dispensers only issue one wipe at a time. This prevents too many wipes being used when only one is needed, giving you excellent value for money! Many of our dispensers also dispense automatically, preventing users from having to touch the unit that may be fitted right next to the toilet – making the experience even more hygienic!

Toilet Seat Sanitizing Gel and Foam

Metal toilet seat sanitizer dispenserWhether you’d like to add an automatic or a manual sanitizer dispenser into your washroom – we have the perfect one for you! Our sanitizing gels and foam kill 99.9% of all bacteria, providing your customers with the highest hygiene standards. Sanitizer is the perfect way to prevent a build-up of germs and bacteria in between deep cleans, ensuring the washroom facilities are always kept to a high standard, ready for the next customer to use!

With a fast-drying formula, the user can simply dispense the sanitizer onto toilet tissue, before wiping the toilet seat to remove any germs that may be present. With an error-proof loading system, the dispenser is easy to use, install and refill – allowing those who use your washroom to always have a convenient way to clean the toilet seat before use.

Our sanitizer dispensers are also extremely economical and cost-effective. With them dispensing only a small amount (30% less than many others on the market), the gel will last longer, preventing you from having to buy the sanitizer as frequently!

Why is a Clean Washroom Essential?

Hygiene is increasingly becoming more important. With cleaning becoming a huge trend due to bloggers, YouTubers and celebrities showing their pristine homes, more and more people are deep cleaning to extremely high standards. As a result, they then expect to see this same standard being mirrored in public washrooms, allowing them to feel at ease that no germs can be caught from using your facilities.

To ensure customers are satisfied, and therefore will be more likely to return, providing extra facilities will set you above and beyond other businesses! Although toilet seat sanitizers are not essential in terms of the UK hygiene regulations, it provides an added extra that is sure to set you apart from other businesses!

Make sure your washroom is as hygienic as possible by browsing our large selection of toilet seat sanitizers today and provide your customers with that little bit extra!

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