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Air Freshener Dispensers

Air fresheners are a must in commercial washrooms to keep the space smelling fresh and clean all day long! Hygiene Supplies Direct offers a wide range of air fresheners that can be both wall-mounted or free standing, as well as automatic or manual - ensuring you can find the perfect one for you!

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air freshener dispenser with a refill Air Fresheners and Refills

With public and business washrooms welcoming a large number of people to use their facilities, they can become smelly and uninviting places! In order to prevent bad odours overpowering your washroom space, an air freshener will dispense fresh and clean scents into the room – getting rid of those unclean smells for good!

Automatic Air Freshener Dispensers

Hygiene Supplies Direct offers a wide variety of automatic air freshener dispensers. Designed to dispense the air freshener when a person is detected around the device, the dispenser will then let out the fresh scent, without having to constantly squirt the air freshener manually.  This not only saves time (by not having to go and dispense the air freshener yourself), it also gives each customer the chance to smell the clean and appealing fragrance as they walk past the device! With smell being one of the most heightened senses, it’s important that your customers and employees have a pleasant experience in your washroom, and are not put off by any unpleasant, lingering odours!

Air freshener dispenser packProgrammable Air Freshener Dispensers

For schools, large offices or public washrooms, a programmable air freshener may suit your washroom users more. Designed to be programmed to dispense the air freshener during the times you set, this avoids too much scent being dispensed (which may happen with an automatic dispenser if a large number of people are constantly entering the washroom). Simply programme your dispenser to release your chosen fragrance every few minutes, half an hour or an hour and keep your washroom smelling lovely and fresh all day long! Programmable air fresheners are also great for schools, as they can easily be switched off during the holiday period. This prevents waste and gives you full control over when and how often you would like the air freshener to be dispensed!

Free-standing or Wall Mounted

Both of our automatic and programmable air fresheners can be free-standing or wall mounted. For larger washrooms, we recommend wall mounting the dispensers so that the product can be dispersed from a height, allowing the product to immerse the area. This will lead to the air freshener being smelt more – encouraging guests of your washroom to want to use the facilities again!

For smaller washrooms or even office spaces, having the air freshener dispenser free-standing may be more convenient.  Having an air freshener nearby can really help to get rid of foul odours – whilst also allowing the user to have full control over when and where they wish the air freshener to be dispensed. We’ve all experienced that ‘after lunch’ smell, where a mix of food has filled the office with a questionable odour! Having an air freshener on hand will give the nearby employees full control of the product, allowing them to dispense the air freshener where and whenever they wish!

Air freshener dispenser with an open lidOdour Neutraliser

Unlike many other air fresheners, our PowAir dispensers aim to remove the source of the foul smell, eliminating it completely! With many air fresheners simply only being capable of masking bad odours, they are much more likely to return once the air freshener has worn off. To remove the bad smells for good, our odour eliminating dispensers will remove those nasty smells, whilst also providing the space with a new, fresher scent in its place!

Find Your Perfect Air Freshener Dispenser Today!

Never have to endure foul smells in your washroom or office space again by browsing our wide range of air fresheners today! With a wide variety of options to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for you, providing your guests and employees with a sweet scent all day long!

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